Maitreya as Hermes the God of Dance and Celebration

12 Feb 2021

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Hey Maitreya, Phanganist thinks this is one of your best Jungle Experience costumes, can you talk us through it please....
Thank's lot for this guys, but ..hehe.. Georgia has another opinion about this, she and my self prefer more my own style which is the Mystic and the Tribal. Fortunately Jungle does expect me to do the dance from the fullest. That's why I do go to parties, it is to dance, not to talk, not to be seen or see but to bring in Spirit. To bring in the vibration of transforming everything, from the lower to the higher, alchemy is the word  and in that sense I am an alchemist I guess.
Yes, the costume is very nice. It is from Oliver and I wanted a bit of a change for the party and the people, so I adapted it a little bit to my personality.

And what was the inspiration behind it?
I assembled it as Hermes' the God of Dance and Celebration, who tempts with the music of his flute and all witches would follow him into the deep forests to dance and celebrate life and it's fruitfulness
Alek, said in his excited enthusiasm that it is Peter Pan, and remarked the "real one" but Peter Pan is a kiddy thing, an Elf figure for children. I play with and for the big children.. for the ones who set themselves free to celebrate them self and life of the fullest

What did you enjoy the most about the last party?
At the last party I liked most to see all my friends present and engaged in some work and enjoyment

Have you got any ideas for future costumes / characters?
As Georgia and I like more, I will be mostly dressed as a Shaman a Firebird and Spirit Dancer..
I like to do more costumes with feathers and tribal colors though, I need to find a way to keep the paint on me longer than it was because it runs off when I start to steam and go into deep trance
I am still not ready and by only 45% physically, especially in my lower body which I am training and exercising with my special training. I need 6 to 12 months more maybe and after I will show the real dance, if God so will.

Why is Jungle Experience special?
Jungle, it is one of the best and biggest events on the Island, expanding and becoming more. I hope peace in mind and heart for all people, much joy and abundance and may everybody see the light through their inner darkness and find peace in heart and mind, Every cell of me is vibrating with the dedication and devotion to god/truth and from this viewpoint I look to all the worldly and humanly matter..
I mean if somebody asks me about anything here on the planet, I always can only answer from this viewpoint .. I always will be ending there.
you can call it my curse hahahaha

What are you up to at the moment?
I am going to the north to relax, see friends and visit my elder sister in spirit, a wise woman and shaman there

I hope we will have all together much fun on the island with jungle and all other occasions. I just wait to get better and better and will work on many choreographies and also with strong transformative quality including methods with people, to overcome fear, guilt, shame and expand into deeper levels of consciousnesses.