The Psychedelic Art of Colin Thompson

16 Dec 2018

Many of you may have seen or be familiar with some of the well known images of the Full Moon and other parties as paintings. Half Moon often have a postcard of one of these pictures attached to their flyers…

The artist behind this work is Colin G Thompson who first discovered Koh Phangan in 1992 after visiting Phuket, Krabi, Koh Chang and Samui.

What was Phangan like when you first came?

It was less developed than other places, there were only generators and no swimming pools. It was lovely for walks, less people and idyllic.

Colin is a self taught although had inspiration from his Grandmother as she was a good watercolour artist. Other inspiration for him comes in the form of nature and travel, other paintings and artists such as Dali and Science fiction or comics.

Koh Phangan is known for its full moon neon paint, do you purposely use this but in a fine art style?

I loved neon colours before I came to Phangan but it is good for party inspired paintings.

Colin’s paintings have that typical hallucinogenic and ‘trippy’ look and although there is a small connection to this it is not to do with the painter himself. It is necessary for Colin to work hard on them and take long hours to concentrate and create these beautiful pieces.

Do you think Koh Phangan has a good art scene?

Not really, art is not a priority for most people there, it is either party people or yoga etc on Koh Phangan.

Colin is now based in Isan with his Thai wife and daughter, he lives in exile in a rural village where he is mostly the only westerner.

Leave us with your art and life philosophy….

Enjoy life, don’t waste time goofing off too much. Be kind, love your family and friends and always forgive.

Look for the good in people, try not to complain, be thankful, be happy, don’t worry and be positive.

Be moderate with intoxication, be creative, give what you can to charity and be nice to animals. Leave the world a tad better than it would have been without you, be a nice guy and stay forever young!!!

Never hate anyone not even the evil masters of war.