Katerina Leitman on 'What We Can Do' the exhibition

12 Feb 2021

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What is the event ‘What We can Do’ all about?
It's all about us. On the island live a lot of talented people who every day create their unique works and the majority of them we do not know of. So, we decided to organise an art exhibition to show what we can do, what we create and what we can offer the world around us.

What gave you the idea for this?
All the time we meet, we talk, talk and bla, bla and nothing else. I listen many times to people saying what they want to do, it’s the same for me but then we don’t do it.

The idea is to show inside the artist. Install their work in the nature around us, to find harmony and balance. To say something important, what's inside. And at the art exhibition, it’s not only handmade work like accessories, painting or clothes, it’s about us. The restaurant has already created zones for each participant, and you will see the installation of art objects with a social meaning.

How have you got people together for this event?

I know lots of different communities. I created an event, invited people and people started to write to me and call.
It is interesting to the island, we now have twenty one confirmed participants, but we plan to collect up to 30 designers. It’s people from Thailand,  France , Germany, Canada, Chilli, it’s starting to be international.

All of this island is art, it’s all about art, there are many people who create. I know people and I look around, I know about art from my past so I know it’s real quality stuff that they do, if it’s quality and harmonious art, why don’t show you that this is what you can do?!

What do you hope this event will achieve?
It’s only the start, but we can meet and get to know new people. Some people I already know but many people are now writing to me, people are interested from Samui, Phuket and Pattaya, people are really interested to show their work.

In the future when we open the second floor at Better than Sex, the managers want to open an art gallery for one month so this event is the first meeting.
Also it is an opportunity for people to start to do something together, because all the people are already together anyway!

Tell us about the array of art we can see there…

You can see paintings and pictures, installations in stone and art which fuse with nature.

A lot of the art goes with the nature and the performance and videos have current social meanings of what is important for people here, like water and keeping safe, they have some social platform base.

What kind of music are you having?
We start in the morning with funky music whilst tasting a delicious breakfast then the art exhibition opens with some crazy Dj from Ukraine, it’s like intelligent music, minimal but a very clean sound. Then after we have a workshop for children so the music will be more soft, something like chill then after it is dinner. At dinner we have live music, a guitar and freestyle rap, then after when the party starts Acrobat will Dj and he will know what to play for the people.

What do you think this event can bring to Koh Phangan?

Aesthetic for the party island, they need aesthetic. There are many parties to enjoy but not to think at and this is about art so we can bring something fresh.

You can spend your time, you can come for the whole day, there is nice music, tasty food, this is what we will bring.