Si Ri Panya Tutorial School gets Painted

4 Mar 2016

Christopher Thomas, founder of Star Lab Industries art company was asked by Si Ri Panya Tutorial School to paint their canteen area.

This area is underneath the main classrooms and had until recently been quite a plain area, it is used for mealtimes and also for assemblies but the plain walls lacked inspiration for the children.

Chris had the idea to bring in a little help from the rest of the Star Lab team including Teacher Jessica (teacher of year one at Si Ri Panya), Bry0, Shane Forbes, Ksy Artishock, Jungle Experience painter Chris Wright and friend from the UK Erika James.

Always nice to give something back to the community and a chance for the artists to relax and paint some child friendly fun stuff!

Chris designed a simple plan for the space, a background which then other people could come and paint on a character or something fitting for the scene.

They went for a nature inspired theme for the kids!

The first day of work was in fact at night time, Christopher went down to the school to paint out the trees and the sky then Bry0 followed him down later that evening to paint on her flower and butterfly.

They even had a couple of helpers!

After the first night of getting the background almost done and things marked out, the next day it was organised for everyone to meet at the school around 12pm (this was a Sunday so the kids weren't there and it could be a surprise!).

Everyone had a look at the wall and decided what they wanted to paint, then got stuck straight in to beautifying their chosen space with whatever nature inspired thing they had chosen to bring to life.

Erika chose to paint flowers and a winding little path, Chris Wright gave Bry0's butterfly another butterfly friend.

Ksy painted some sweet mushroom houses, a sun and a hidden fox character, Teacher Jessica painted a catterpillar as did Christopher Thomas

and Shane brought in some detail on the trees with vines.

You will also find a banana and a stawberry in hot air balloons, more flowers and a ladybird.

Although it may not have been all of the artists 'usual style' it really has made a huge difference to this area of the school. Head teacher Nicola is now hoping to use the space for more than just assembly and lunch, it can now be used for art, drama and anything else creative.

Teacher Jessica told Phanganist

'Painting the school was such an enjoyable experience for many reasons.

The kids love it - the bright colours and cute creatures make the space much more inspiring and it will be perfect for art, music and drama lessons.

It was also great to paint with a group of lovely artists on the island.

I will be leaving phangan soon and I will miss the children a lot, so I am glad that I had the chance to take part in making their school environment more beautiful'.

Ksy even brought down her baby Max who seemed to enjoy the painting even at his young age!

Phanganist asked Christopher Thomas for some feedback, he replied

'Never dwell on the past or take the present too seriously, but remember, children are our future - Inspire, motivate, and encourage'

I don't believe we could of said anything more inspiring ourselves!

The Star Lab Industries team would like to say a big thank you to Si Ri Panya school for the opportunity to paint this wall and be part of the children's inspiration and creativity.

We hope you all enjoy the new colourful space at the school!


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