Derelict Mission on Koh Phangan

23 Jan 2020

How much do you really look at Koh Phangan? Of course, we all look, take in and explore this amazing island but sometimes we may mistake something that looks abandoned or run down as an eyesore. However, these can be interesting spots to go and discover so Phanganist sent a team of creative minds and our photographer Rasmus on an adventure to seek out some derelict spots!

After a long but lovely drive through Chaloklum, we reached Utopia Resort. We had been given brief directions but sometimes the fun of it is not knowing exactly where you are going, we are going to leave it to you also….

You might need a good pair of lungs and a big bottle of water in this heat to reach this abandoned resort but the views are breath taking!

Also, if you are going to go off grid it is best to be a bit prepared, you never know what hazards may be around as these places are left unfinished, for whatever reason so there is a lot of wood, nails and metal lying around.

This particular place seemed to be a resort that had been started but not completed. It makes you think what happened here although the reason is not important. It is interesting to see furniture was already brought in and you imagine the workers, working hard in this heat and what they may be doing now.

The wonderful thing you get from visiting these abandoned places is that Mother Nature will always win in the end. The trees and plants start growing back over the buildings, taking back the whole space that was once theirs anyway.

Abandoned buildings or places are also a breeding ground of creativity for artists and photographers.

You have the wall space to paint and the interesting surroundings to create photo-shoots.

We also found a second derelict spot. This place seemed to have been finished and even maybe used as a resort for a period of time but is now abandoned.

There is one large bar which is covered in graffiti, nothing special just ‘tags’ but you never know these may be international respected artists…?

The bungalows were fun; you cannot help but imagine who stayed in them and what went on here.

Right at the end there is a smaller bar but all around this area you really have to squeeze through the foliage (sometimes spikey vines) to see. But it is a nice place to chill for a bit.

Everybody was pretty tired, sweaty and hungry by the end of the mission but it was worth it.

It is always fun going off the beaten track sometimes to see what you can find, go on people, go explore!!!