Directions from Haad Rin Pier to Taxi Boats on the Beach - Video

7 Sep 2017

We show you the way from Haad Rin Pier to where you get the taxi boats from the beach over to Haad Tien, Haad Yuan and the East of the island.

In the beginning of the video when we are at the pier, you will see the taxi tuk tuk's and bikes. If you do not feel like taking the walk on your own, they are more than happy to assist you from the pier to the beach! A few advantages though, from talking the walk, such as getting shopping done and cash out before heading towards the taxi boats. It is worth to notice that it will be your last real shopping opportunity!


If you have a lot of luggage it might be easier though with the small tuk tuk's or bike taxi's who will be ready to take you from the pier to the beach if you like.

Of course the advantage of taking the small walk, that will take you no longer  than maybe 10-15 min is that you get to stop and shop around before you head to the sanctuary or any of the other small beaches there. It is clever to remember that there are NO ATM's on the other side and they deal only in cash there.

Also they do not have the wide range of shops that you will find in Haad rin. So it might be a good idea to stash up before going in the small taxi boats!