The Beauty that No Moon brings to Haad Rin

30 Jan 2020

Haad Rin is one of the best beaches on the island not only for its world famous full moon party that happens every month. 


In between the Moon slowly hiding every month Haad Rin is a maze of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars that if you only visit the place on a full moon you will never see.

The beach is sometimes a ghost beach even on the most beautiful of days with the longtails on the shore and a safe swimming area.

The sand is soft and the views are beautiful and the sea is great for swimming. Jet ski operators are out if you have never tried this.


There are scores of cafes and restaurants open on Chicken Corner and the beachfront resorts.

Paad Thai and other local dishes are available for very cheap prices for those on a budget. There are also reggae bars and party bars open on the streets around and on the beach itself, and these will be a smaller party than usual and these are usually the best ones!


Haad Rin is not just about the brilliant full moon party and with families and couples and chilled groups of friends around, it's a completely chilled out vibe.

Prices in resorts and hostels are cheaper during the non full moon period and you have a gorgeous stretch of sand to work on the tan or keep cool in the sea.


There are boats available to take you up to the other beaches on the East Coast which you will find tranquil and safe and perfect places for a nice chilled day out.

The road to Haad Rin has small local cafes and bars, there is good shopping available and it's cheap when its not the full moon as you have more bartering power.

Bars have scheduled nights featuring some of the best DJs on the island at places like Fubar and the famous Eden and Guys Bar