Predicted Tourism trends for 2021 and onwards

13 Nov 2020

After 2020, what will tourism and travel be like? How do our travel patterns change with the Covid-19 pandemic and what are travelers looking for in post-pandemic travel? There is a good chance that 2021 will be a year for the virus to continue living, and indeed traveling, with it. Safety will be at the top of all tourist lists. What have we learned from the pandemic of Covid-19 and how is tourism going to adapt to the new challenges? 

There are many points the travel industry has learned after 2020. And it will be a condition to introduce these into the travel scene in 2021. Airlines travel agencies, and, in fact, any organization at any level involved in tourism must adopt these.

And we've picked a few to help you on your way, choose Dubrovnik experiences. 

'Post-2020 tourism-what will tourism look like in our new reality? "is the name of a report on travel trends compiled by Euronews. This very report covers "six trends shaping travel after 2020," and there is a huge amount to learn from travel agents and accommodation providers.


1.Getting away from the crowds and back to nature and back to nature from the crowds 

And wilderness travel is at the top of the list of trends for 2021. Tourists crammed around the hotel pool in buses or towels are, at least for now, a thing of the past as tourists looking to get away from the crowds and back to nature. "There is a universal hunger for wide-open spaces after months of cabin fever. 

For example, in the United States, state and national parks have experienced huge influxes of post-lockdown tourists, and the trend is set to continue in 2021 and beyond as time spent in the wilderness is felt to be an antidote to modern urban life. Yes, for a few years, there is a lot of travelers who will still want to find space and privacy, and who could blame them.


2. Eco-tourism or cultivation in balance with nature 

Travelers not only want to escape the large urban centers, but they are also willing to pitch in and do their part to develop a greener world. Eco-tourism is currently ranked two on the Euronews ranking. And cultivation is highlighted as part of this large segment. "A clear shift to learning how to grow, connect with the earth and make things by hand has taken place in the age of Covid-19 (just look at how gardening and bread-making took off during lockdown)," Euronews writes.


3. Nomadic tourism Wandering where the wind takes you 

Freedom, freedom, and even more freedom. When tourists look to go when they want, when they want and how they want, Sardine-style package holidays or excursions are a thing of the past. The keyword is flexibility. Nomadic tourism is number three on the list of travel, trends. "The point-to-point holiday, where tourists fly to a single location and then return home, will clash with an emerging trend for trips that take place at several domestic locations, actually occur at a slower pace, and are as much about the journey as the final destination," Euronews writes.


4. Take a deep breath and refresh your soul. 

To put yourself, and indeed your well-being, in the first place. The future will see travelers looking to relax their minds and bodies, from yoga retreats to spa days and boot camp weekends, and they probably deserve it after a year of lockdown. Wellness Tourism occupies the fourth position on the list. We can expect beachgoers to swap that sun and Pina Coladas for shade and coconut water in 2021 and beyond. Even if travelers do not specifically travel for a detox or boot camp experience, as they return home, they will want to book vacations that leave them feeling happier than before. For radical physical overhauls, some will also be willing to go to extremes, ” the report writes.


5. Avoiding the tourist traps and keeping it real – give me authenticity

Knock-off souvenir days, restaurant tourist menus, and generic tours are histories, visitors are after the real deal in the future, not a plastic copy. Tourists are looking for a real, authentic experience in the future. Digging under a destination's skin to find what makes it tick. Engaging safely and respectfully with local communities will be an important aspect, with visitors eager to learn and form human connections. Travelers also want to leave a positive footprint when it comes to authentic tourism, to offer something back, whether it be paying directly or volunteering, writes Euronews. And the number five is authentic tourism on the travel list.


6. Stop filling your Instagram with countless destinations – less is more

Keep it simple to keep the carbon footprint as small as you can. Perceptual travel is in sixth place on the travel trends, 2021 list. "Mindful tourism is about forging deeper links with the places that people visit and travel with a" less is more "attitude, avoiding itineraries consisting of" highlights. Having a bucket list has been a way of building social prestige, but as travel falls out of favour as a consumerist act, what the Conscious Traveller seeks will be more humble trips to less glamorous destinations, writes the report.


Source: The Dubrovnik Times