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COVID-19 vaccine may not be efficient on obese people

27 Aug 2020

Recent research has found that vaccinations for coronavirus may not perform as well for obese people, who are also 48 percent more likely not to survive a COVID-19 pandemic.

The World Bank has commissioned the US University of North Carolina (UNC) to examine global data from countries like the United States, France, UK, China, and Italy.

The analysis found that in a case of COVID-19, obese individuals were 113 percent more likely to be hospitalized, 74 percent more likely to undergo critical care, and 48 percent more likely not to survive. "It's practically an increase of 50 percent. That's an alarming number, very high, and it's all much higher than I ever expected, "Professor Barry Popkin of UNC, who led the report, told the Guardian, the British newspaper.

"We know that a COVID vaccination would have a beneficial impact on obese people, but we believe from all our experience with the SARS vaccination and flu vaccine studies it would have a reduced benefit compared to the others." Overweight increases the probability of type 2 diabetes, susceptibility to insulin, coronary failure, and inflammation, both of which raise coronavirus risks.

According to government statistics, about 40 percent of Americans and 27 percent of England's adults are obese.

Source: AA