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Wizz Air launches carbon offsetting system helping passengers calculate environmental impact of their flights

13 Nov 2020

As part of its wider commitment to reducing emissions, Wizz Air has launched a carbon offsetting system that helps passengers to calculate the environmental impact of their flights and offset their carbon emissions. In partnership with climate-focused technology company CHOOOSE, the option provides passengers the option of reducing their journey by supporting trustworthy, high-impact climate projects around the world.

Passengers can easily calculate and offset the carbon emissions of their flights by entering flight details in to travel footprint calculator on the Wizz Air website. Passengers simply make a payment supporting a verified carbon offset to account for their carbon emissions and receive a certificate in return, recognizing the emissions they have offset.

Two verified carbon-reducing projects were initially funded by Wizz Air; the International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST) in Uganda, a long-standing and award-winning reforestation project, and the Pichacay Landfill Gas to wind energy Project in Ecuador, which recovers and repurposes methane from landfill sites to produce clean electricity.

Both projects are certified by the Verified Carbon Standard to reduce emissions measurably.

Marion Geoffroy, Chief Executive Officer at Wizz Air, said: "As we work hard to continue our environmental footprint, we strive to be the greenest airline of choice." We are grateful to already have one of the lowest emission rates in the European aviation industry across a wide range of sustainability initiatives and are delighted to be working with CHOOOSE to provide our passengers with carbon offsetting.

Together with our modern aircraft fleet, several fuel-saving initiatives, passenger load factor maximization, a network design that avoids unnecessary connecting flights, and the lightest materials used in the cabin, we ensure that passengers can make Wizz Air the best and greenest choice when they fly.


Source: RusTourismNews