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Voyager's Sandy & Vyjay - Shorter holidays and nearby destinations

11 Aug 2020

Voyager is co-founded by Sandy and Vyjay, a husband and wife couple. Their focus is on travel and everything travel. Voyager collaborates with travel and hospitality brands including national and international tourism boards.

“We write about travel destinations, travel tips, travel stories, and much more. We also harness the power of our site and social media platforms for destination promotion and marketing”.

Sandy and Vyjay
Sandy and Vyjay

Travel has been in Sandy and Vyjay’s DNA as they have been travelling from a young age. Travel and writing turned into a passion and soon the passion took the form of a full-time business.


Voyager was set up initially as a forum to share their travel stories with the world.

During Coivid they have been in their home city of Bangalore, India. They have been spending the time finishing up on pending projects, updating the site, and generally continuing their content creation on various platforms.


“It has affected us as we are directly connected with travel. Many of our projects have gone on hold as they involved travel”.

Kumarakom in Kerala, India
Kumarakom in Kerala, India

Their thoughts on the change in the future are that there will be short and long term repercussions on the travel and allied industries. When travel does pick up, people would be looking at shorter holidays and nearby destinations to start off with.

“Travelers would do much more homework about destinations, hotels, modes of travel, etc., especially for adherence to safety norms. This would have an impact on the entire travel supply chain”.


They also think that the growth of digital nomads is bound to slow down, “especially in the immediate future”.


There has been a steady growth in eco-tourism and the Voyager couple think there is more and more awareness amongst all stakeholders.

“Destinations and properties are promoting the concept of eco-tourism while travellers are looking for these kinds of travel experiences”.

Zanzkar Confluence in Ladakh India
Zanzkar Confluence in Ladakh India

Sandy and Vyjay are very conscious when they travel, about the impact that their footprints leave behind.

“We do our bit to ensure that our travel is sustainable and eco-friendly. From simple measures like carrying a reusable water bottle to saying no to animal tourism, we try to be eco-travellers”.

They also write about sustainable travel and collaborate on projects that work in these areas.

Zanzkar Confluence in Ladakh India

Their advice to others is that the freedom of being a digital nomad is exhilarating and is an experience beyond compare.

“Times are difficult right now and everyone is grounded, but the clouds will lift soon, till then hang on!”.

When visiting Thailand they went to Bangkok and Phuket. But still have to explore more of the beautiful country.

“We love Thailand and the welcoming warmth of its people and feel it would be a great destination to explore, once things are back to normal”.