The TravelDocs - To survive you have to evolve with the times

7 Jul 2022

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Website is run by two physicians, with the main priority being global travel.  “We now have a small family, three young boys and we have not let that slow us down. COVID, on the other hand, has thrown a wrench in our plan”.

Traveldocs travel for fun, adventure, learning and sometimes helping (medical mission work).  They started a blog to answer questions they got from friends and family.  They take the questions and turn it into a blog, that is why they cover a variety of topics from DVT and long flights to nutrition. 

“We feel it is important to share accurate, evidence-based up to date information so we don't do any type of marketing of products etc so we can give an objective unbiased answer to questions”.


They are both first-line workers for the COVID pandemic and have a unique perspective as they are actively involved in taking care of these patients. 

“I have even lived in an RV for a month after I was exposed to a COVID patient so I wouldn't put my family at risk”.

How has the impact on tourism and travel affected you?
Well, we had planned on a trip to southeast Asia with our kids for June and July of this year (I was in Thailand to give a lecture in Bangkok March before this one and fell in love!). 
So all those plans are on hold and as opposed to a long break from work, we have been working non-stop all summer, I'm at work right now.


How do you think the industry will change in the future because of this?
I think travel (air, bus, car, boat etc) is not going to be the same after this. People are going to be much more vigilant about public and global health as well as personal hygiene (handwashing etc).

There is a big growth of digital nomads (before corona) how do you think this industry will be affected?
I truly believe those in this industry who are able to adapt and evolve with the times will not only survive but will thrive.


What are your thoughts on the status of eco-tourism in the last few years?
I think ecotourism is a hot industry and will continue to remain that way. People are much more aware of how humans are responsible for changes to the climate both locally and globally and many are looking for responsible ways to travel and enjoy nature.


What is your advice to other digital nomads?
To survive you have to be able to evolve with the times. The industry is going to take a hit short term but long term I think it has a very bright future!