Banksy funds bright pink motor yacht to rescue refugees

29 Aug 2020

Banksy funds bright pink motor yacht that sets out in secrecy to prevent being intercepted by authorities.

The British street artist has funded a boat to rescue refugees from north Africa who are trying to enter Europe, the Guardian revealed.

The vessel, called Louise Michel after a French feminist anarchist, took sail from the Spanish seaport of Burriana near Valencia in secrecy on 18 August and is now in the central Mediterranean, where it rescued 89 people in crisis on Thursday, including 14 women and four children.

A secure seaport is now being searched to evacuate the passengers or move them to a European coast guard vessel.

The team, composed of European volunteers with long experience in search and rescue operations, has already assisted in two more rescue operations involving a total of 105 civilians, who are now on board the Sea-Watch 4 NGO vessel.

The Louise Michel is decorated in bright pink and featuring Banksy artwork showing a child in a life-vest carrying a heart-shaped protective buoy. Formerly operated by French customs officials, the 31-meter motor yacht is smaller but significantly quicker than other NGO rescue vessels.