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Moksha Lane


I went to all the clubs in Frankfurt near where I lived, it was one of the main spots where Techno kicked off and developed in Germany. As an eighteen, nineteen year old, I would spend the whole weekend in Frankfurt, club after club. I watched the Djs playing there, all the Frankfurt guys at the time like Sven Väth, Frank Lorber, Dj Dag and so on. After that I bought some Technics and my first needles.

Sometimes I stood for like ten hours behind the Djs watching them, you know people had no tutorials like youtube back then, but I played guitar and had a band so I was quite, what you call a musician which was handy for me, I didn’t have much trouble learning the beat matching and stuff. I very first played in the Mannheim and Karlsruhe area in smaller clubs and parties at the beginning. One time I had the chance to play a huge club, but the owner told me to change my music drastically so I said no, and the guy who came instead of me is now huge so to speak! But this is in the EDM area so it was a wise decision not to do this, I mostly stayed, and still stay underground.