Full Moon Party

22 Jul 18:30

Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

Legend has it that on the night of the full moon, during the mid-1980s, a group of backpackers held a party on the beach along with locals. They had such a nice time that they continued each month. Word got out, and each month more people began to come. 
It was like a little house party on the beach at first. A lot of hippies and backpackers play instruments, smoke, and drink some drinks. But that shifted as word circulated and more individuals turned up. 

The 1990s brought with it the rave culture and electronic music. In 2000, this party was on the travel charts, and hordes of young people flocked to Koh Phangan and it has continued to grow.

A giant festival-like gathering featuring a lot of drinking, dancing, music, and all kinds of fun is now the Full Moon Party. Each venue and bar has its own sound system, so every few steps you can hear new music playing loudly on the sand. The beach itself is lined with individuals selling beer, performances with fire artists, and tiny stands selling neon face paint. You'll find tourists falling out on the beach by the end of the night, the odd pair who have found love (or lust), and missing flip-flops littering the beach searching for new owners.

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