Thong Sala

24 Mar 2024


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Thong Sala is the main city of the island, the ferries come there, there are banks, shops, markets and everything a small town can offer. The beaches are frequented by a mix of families and 30's-40's bachelors who used to once stay in Had Rin but now prefer to see it only once a month, during the day.
Most nights will end in the Thong Sala food market and if the kids go to sleep the more adventures among them will venture to parties in Ban Sabai or Anahata.
If you are young and broke it might be a good idea to stick around, maybe you will be picked up by a young professional in his yearly holiday which will guarantee a supply of quality substances.
The girls bars are not far and not without reason, mid life crisis men and disgruntled husbands prefer this area of the island.
But don't let it deter you, it is very good location, close to Baan Tai if you want to party but still go back to sleep in your quiet resort without some drunk idiots waking you up because they took too much LSD and now they think they are Pokemon in a mission to rule the world