Catsuit are back on Koh Phangan

2 jun 2012

You're from Amsterdam. How did you end up on Koh Phangan?

In 2009 we turned our holiday in Thailand into a DJ tour. We sent emails to clubs and got booked by a few of them. On Koh Phangan it was Jumunjy who hosted us. We didn't expect to stay longer than a few days, but we eventually spent the last two weeks of holiday we had left on Koh Phangan. We played at Jumunjy, Anahata, Lighthouse and Shiva Moon Festival and partied our brains out.
Since that holiday, Koh Phangan is our second home, thanks to all the great people we met.

Any DJ gigs coming up for this trip?

DJ Boyonic, Koh Phangan's resident Thai DJ invited us to play at the full moon's afterparty on 7th of April in The Backyard party, one of the oldest clubs on Koh Phangan. it's a great honor to play there.
Peter G. asked us to play at Sramanora Waterfall in April which is an awesome location!

On April 11 we will play at at Jungle Experience, another beautiful location in the jungle located around a mountain stream.

When playing on Koh Phangan, how is that different from playing in Amsterdam?

At home we play a lot of different styles (techno, progressive, breaks, house, electro), rather dark and bluntly, music for concrete. On Koh Phangan we play more organically, hot and sticky jungle music.
The atmosphere at parties on Koh Phangan is always positive and energetic, thanks to a fresh flow of new holiday and party people arriving on the island every day. It is very gratifying.


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