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Yoga Retreat


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Whether you are a beginner or professional yoga teacher, the Yoga Retreat is the perfect complement to a relaxing tropical holiday. Yoga Retreat encourages you to listen to your body and will serve as guides to help you through your own individual transformation; we believe you are your own best teacher. You will learn tools to change your life positively: yoga, chakra healing, detox and meditation. Hopefully, you will take them home as well.



Yoga classes at the retreat are a combination of familiar postures (asana), as well as more challenging poses, with adjustments and variations given to students. Emphasis is always placed on the breath, which brings awareness to the body and minds simultaneously. The result is that the body becomes energized, the mind becomes centred, and awareness is increased. The aim is to increase vitality at the same time as promoting a sense of well-being.


While you may get vacations your body never does, it is always on call. A detox is a great way to give a break to your digestive system so your body can focus that energy into cleansing, repairing and rejuvenating the systems that let you live so you can live a better life. Physical as well as emotional, a detox will ask you to be in a peaceful, nurturing space where you can be open and express your sensibilities.


Mysore ashtanga
If you are a beginner and don't know the primary series we teach it from the beginning every Monday and you must attend the first full week.
If you practice Mysore style already you can start on any day but please do take a 5 pass or member's pass as this is not a one-off drop-in, we ask for your commitment.  it is highly recommended to join the Saturday 9 am led ashtanga as you have practised all week for this complete experience.

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