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So sweet and she is waiting for you at PAC

11 Oct 2012

pac koh phangan - puppy for adoption
pac koh phangan - puppy for adoption

Alex (from Russia) had been feeding this little lady and came one day to give her breakfast only to be greeted with this maggoty eye looking up at him.

He brought her straight to PAC and thinking we had seen it all, we jumped back at the sight of her eye.
We thought she had lost her eye but knew she would be ok with one so we cleaned the wound and put her in the puppy pen. Just one day later we removed the bandage and saw a little eye poking out underneath. It seemed the maggots had eaten around the flesh under the eye but had left the eye intact.

pac koh phangan - puppy for adoption
pac koh phangan - puppy for adoption
Alex was so pleased but had to return to his homeland, desperate to find her a home we said we would wait until she had recovered and then look for a home.
She has now fully recovered and this special little lady is looking for her forever home.

I say special due to her wobbly actions. She seems unable to keep her head from swaying around from side to side but this does not affect her quality of life. She has loads of cuddles to give so please, if you think you can help this lady please contact PAC, we will vaccinate her against rabies and spay her free of charge when she is old enough.


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