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Peters Puppies

3 Apr 2013

Most adorable break your heart healthy strong cute and sweet puppies looking and hoping to be someone’s new best friend and protector!

peters puppy princess looking home dontaion volunteer
peters puppy princess looking home dontaion volunteer

A big hearted German young couple has been taking care of the little family so far – who by the way grow up with 2 doggie mothers instead of just one – so they are all very very well trained from early baby-hood.

The little ones are all strong and playfull which each their unique amazing personality.

One had the tick fever but is in FULL FULL recovery and this little one is now running around with the others playing puppy games. Smaller but soooo express full.

They are 4 males and 4 females born on April 8.

1 ridge back – 1 sweet little colourful princess – a strong Alma – an absolutely adorable ted(dy-bear) , Fatty, Tiny, Oooooi and 2 more to pick from :)

peters puppies ted home PAC seaching looking donation
peters puppies ted home PAC seaching looking donation
On the Left side first photos is Peters Little Puppy Princess. A sweet gentle kind Cuddler. Take her up in yor arms and she will press her little nose into your cheek and sit with you cheek to cheek till you put her down. Soooo Girly and sweet !

Right side is Ted. Short for Teddy Bear. A Cute little Strong one with Play Time painting in his face most of the time. Puppy soft and round. Healthy and Beautiful!! Can manage and fend for himself if needed, but still a gentle one!

Have a look .. they will grow up to be beautiful strong healthy dogs – they had a good beginning and are now just looking for a happy continuing :)
peters puppies PAC find home
peters puppies PAC find home

Please mail to Phanganist on Facebook or comment below here for any further details or information!

The Couple will be leaving on 29 May and from then the Puppies will be on their own with the 2 Mothers, who also do not have a Human family of their own .. !!