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Once upon a Time ..

22 Oct 2011

in a World of No Time and only Wonders and Magic

.. I went 4 a Fly up the ColourFull Warm Streams:
Felt the Heat against My Not existing Skin
- My Not Existing Chin ..
I Grabbed the Golden Lines between the Worlds
Swung Myself into a Spiral Hurl ..
I Laughed and Danced
- Grabbed My Chance - 2 Enhance
all The Spirit deep Inside Me ..
I Dreamed a Dream of Pure Energy
I saw U there - I saw Me there..
A drop of Wonder Elixir
- took care of All my Inner Fear...
There is so Much more 2 Come
I c More Lifes and then Some...
Now I c My World 2 B
Now I FEEL My Life 2 C ..
 I Spiraled Down The Tree of Life
Went Fully back 2 Human Size ..
I will Live and Love 4 ever
.. Fear and Dark is Just a NEVER ..
My Home is Full of Psychedelic Matters
Full of Magical wonder Ladders -
- Up 2 Spirits - and Down 2 Lyrics ;)
I Speak with only Words of Witches
Full of Oldie Goldie Stitches -
Hooked 2 keep the Worlds 2gether
- I am no More than simple Leather
I keep the Doorway Half n Half 
just 2 let the People Laugh ..
2 C the same As I just did ...
- I guess U gotta b a Kid ;)