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The meaning of Island life

6 Apr

To travel is to live? What about getting stuck then ? ‘ Cause this is what happens for many visitors here. The plan is to come for so or so long but most of the time this will be prolonged maybe more than 1 time after.

There are many different travelers .. and here we get a small mix of the holiday beach party crew on top of the Freaks and the Hippies and the Yogi’s and of course the Family Makers – The Really really Stucked ones - and the very few business investors. 

The people travel for very different reasons – but mostly searching for something that makes sense in their lives – gives them more to go on after – makes them more skillful in living their lives. To see thousands of ways of doing the exactly same thing or experience things completely unknown to you.
We look for everything - mostly not wanting even to know what it is that we exactly are looking for.
It’s just nice to explore for your self. Learn your own lessons. Feel your own way.
Maybe it is one of the most basic human characters – to explore?
How beautiful is that?
I guess we must have started out like that as well also – it’s just like we kind of forgot somewhere along the line.
I mean .. originally we were all asking the big questions of life – were we not ?
When we were kids we were asking the same questions that Everyone Before us had ever asked!
– but in our time the Humans have found all kind of ways to explain The Most Greatest Happenings or Things!
 – they will now tell You a comfortable Story of Where You came from – What You are doing here – Why You came here and What was before this and What comes after this.
There will be looong books and scripts to find and read or movies and Scientific tests and “Proofs” of all of this – and we will find our closure in 1 of the theories – being whatever that might be – and we have our Meaning of Life!
Then you continue living your life after what believe you engaged with.
When you travel – you get shaken out of your normal believe system and will mostly – normally even – have many re-corrections or re-thinking of all of these questions.
What ever you thought before is just not always the same in another location – even close to your own home or being half around the world. Your habits will be broken and the same theories seem to collapse in a different environment.
On this small island this happens a lot .. the thinking .. the re-considering life theories ..
Many people from all around the world come to travel in Asia .. Going through – or been staying in India – Cambodia – Nepal – Laos – Vietnam – Malaysia – Singapore .. all with new stories and fresh insights.
They all come Here .. and exchange travelers wisdoms – Crazy stories and New Knowledge.
It makes this island an open spot for all kind of life perspectives in an open dialog where no-one’s theories are too crazy and everyone’s believes are accepted.
New Explorations of Ancient Questions
–       with New Explanations for Old Manifestations  
Yeaaah ! (No ?)
Greetings from the WitchBitch 

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