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Special Guest MARCUS MEINHARDT MAYA Thurs 27th Feb


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😎Let’s have another unforgettable Night together😎 ✨Special Guest✨ 💥MARCUS MEINHARDT💥Ger Heinz Music, Kater Mukke, Bar 25, Berlin " rel="nofollow"> Bio: Whether it’s behind the scenes or behind the decks, Marcus Meinhardt is definitely one of the most active members of the German club scene. The thirty-something Dj has defined the Berlin sound with his countless club gigs including his residency at the world renowned Watergate club. He is also a welcome guest on the international electronic parquet with his elegant, hypnotizing sets and sympathetic nature. He is a true character in the electronic music scene. Marcus is also a well known party organizer in and around Berlin; the Home Sweet Home parties have taken the cities best after hour locations by storm,. The famed Muna-Tent at the SonneMondSterne Festival would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for Markus’ co organization and closing sets. He was born in the quiet county of Thüringen, where, once infected by the techno bug, he soon took up residency at the Muna, one of East Germany’s most renowned clubs. During this time he and the Muna team began organizing the SonneMondSterne-Festival, which, today is one of Europe’s largest and most famous Open Air’s. Marcus finally moved to Berlin in 2002 where he took a head dive into the pulsating club scene that gave him enough room to experiment musically. This inspired him to begin producing his own tracks. His first EP was released in 2006 on Micro.Fon. In the beginning of 2007 Markus and his friends Marco Resmann and Hawks Grunert founded the label Upon You, which has managed to establish itself as one of the most important Tech-House-Labels in such short a time. His fine sense of Intuition for the dance floor can be detected when listening to his subtle arrangements and finely balanced sounds. Proof being »Drive It Mad Max«, »Pacey Lynn«, or »Jerry Lee« which are among the most successful Upon You releases to date. The Superflu Remix of Mad Max even made it on to Beatport’s »Best Underground Sellers 2009« list. Marcus has learned a lot about the specialties of the music business through his work with Upon You. His commitment has made the label nights in Berlin’s Panorama Bar and arena club, Stuttgart’s Romy S and the international venues in Barcelona, Amsterdam and Milan as successful as they are. Marcus also helped to find new artists for the label Upon You. These days, Resmann and Grunert continue with the labelwork of Upon You while Meinhardt focus solely on his creative output. In 2010 and 2011 he concentrated on his music production and travelled through the world presenting his musical ideas. On his journey Marcus was influenced and inspired by many musical genres and artists. As a result, Marcus decided to found his own Label called „Heinz-Music“ this forward thinking label will be a platform where his fellow artists and friends can have fun with and enjoy a musical experience mainly orientated on dance floor music. Full Line up TBC

27 Feb 21:00