EPIZODE 4.0 pre party @ MAYA Thurs 5th Dec


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🔥Sensational Epizode festival embarks on a world tour! Festival will be bringing the infectious vibes and high quality sound of Epizode4 to the world's hottest clubs, with warmup parties, Global DJ superstars as well as festival residents and regional heroes will be shaking the dancefloors to warm you up for the mind-blowing Epizode4🔥

🌀Special Guest:🌀

Dekadenz, Karma Klique, Epizode

Sunju Hargun is a child of multi-cultural upbringingborn and raised in Thailand with Indian roots, he has created a name for himself in Asia. He makes music released on Dekadenz and Turbo recordings and also curates the Karma Klique Collective. His vivid mixture of different backgrounds has led to a unique range of sounds. Sunju often blends chuggy-dance influences with electronic and world music. It is this unique taste that continues to impress, whether it is in his brilliantly unpredictable DJ sets or his distinct productions.
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Wayu - a musician live project, working in various areas of electronic music,such as deep and dark progressive, intelligent dubstep and hypnotic techno.
The founder of Wayu (past projects: De Wachtkamer, Paolo Insomnia), Pasha Viarshenia, began musical career in 2001 and till this day the music is his vitality. Many years he lived and studied art of sounds in Dubai and behind De Wachtkamer project is quite a lot of releases on such labels as Lowbit Records (UK), Somebody's Story Music (RU), Progrezo Records (BRA), KDB Records (GER) and some others.
Wayu likes to use in his tracks massive hypnotic sound with straight and broken rhythm that permeates to the depths of the soul and touches on a variety of emotions.
In march 2012 Wayu founded his own label called - Bermudos (www.bermudos.com) and now his musical and creative boundaries even further expanded. Such artists like Dimitri Veimar, Monkey Brothers, Marcelo Vasami, Kevin Di Serna, Vinayak^A, Guy Mantzur, Silinder, DAVI, Dark Soul Project, Verche, Mike Griego and some other cool guys already prepare some special sound for new label.
In 2013, V. Alarik and Spencer serendipitously stumbled upon each other somewhere deep in the labyrinthine sois of Bangkok. It could have been that they were both inebriated but an alliance was obvious when the sun came up.
It wasnt long before they were fully immersed in Bangkoks bustling underground house and techno scene where their work ethic quickly gained the attention of Trust, a Bangkok based agency and events company that got them working alongside artists like Wolf & Lamb, Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler to name a few. But it was their exposure to the local heroes take on underground house and techno that really drew them in. Sunju Hargun, Kimball Collins, Mendy Indigo, Dan Buri, and others were forward thinking in their approach and drove the direction of the sound the Soi Dogs would take on.
From playing at the most prestigious Bangkok events like Kolour, Sunn and Imprints to late nights and early mornings in the smallest local venues, Soi Dogs have been there. Their sets are alive with energy but deep and dark enough to take their dance oor on a trip that tells the story of their experience. From party to afterparty, Soi Dogs bring Bangkok vibes all over Asia pushing the pure and simple sounds that inspire them.

Mobilee Records, BPitch Control

No stranger to Thailand's shores, Dave Vega has been a regular visitor to the kingdom over the years.
Along with releases on BPitch Berlin and Serialism, the German powerhouse also has collaborations with Seth Troxler and Cesare vs Disorder under his belt. Celebrating his new project Ogni on Spanish imprint Oblack Label, he's dropped a vinyl only ep last year together with Tobi Neumann and Saktu / Sasha Kaktus. In July this year they release on the German imprint Mobilee Records. Vegas roots have always been somewhere between House and Techno - that's what he plays and still drives him after almost 20 years of electronic music experience.


Peter G was born in 1975, in Fürth, south Germany. For generations his family had been in the entertainment business working in carnivals all throughout Germany, and so it was inevitable that Peter would grow up as a showman, a character that comes out in his performances.
It was in 1990 that Peter G was first introduced to techno music while partying in Würzburg - Airpot, Frankfurt - Omen, U60311, & MünchenUltraschal. The beats immediately appealed to his senses and thus grew his passion for electronic music.
Peter G initially started going on holidays to Koh Phangan, Thailand, falling immediately in love with the island, but it wasn't long before he started to really miss the music from Germany. This is when he decided to start his DJ career in 2004 on Koh Phangan, and finally made the permanent move to Thailand in the winter of 2008.
During the past 12 years, the electronic music scene of Koh Phangan has evolved, along with Peter Gs style of music to the point that he is now one of the most popular artists of the island. His deep passion for electronic music and his creative knowhow to bring the people to another level of experience has helped shape Koh Phangan's underground music scene to what it is today.
Peter G is one of the artists that started the Lighthouse party and the infamous Eden Garden Saturday night parties, and is still resident DJ of both today. Now music lovers from all around the world come to listen to Peter G play and to get inspired by his music, inviting him to play in clubs and festivals all over the world.
Peter G is always appreciative of his friends and fans and gives thanks to all of them for their support, enjoying his music, and dancing to his beats. “Music, Love, & Peace. Keep It Alive!” – Peter G

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After 10pm 500THB


- - - - - - - 🌴LOCATION OF MAYA🌴- - - - - - -

🔘How to find our venue🔘

♦️From the main 7/11 in Ban Tai you take a turn follow the Thong Nai Pan Road about 1,2km and then take a turn right same enter from the main road as to Jungle Experience, after 50m you will find us on the left side♦️

🔥Fire lights will also show you the way from 7/11 Ban Tai to our venue🔥

🗺 Or check it out on Google map MAYA KOH PHANGAN 🗺

💃🏻See ya all on the dance floor lets rock it💃🏻


5 Dec 21:00