Special Guest Marco Loco & Goodbyes to Darragh Casey @Loi Lay

15 Mar 21:00

Loi Lay

โš“๏ธ Embark every Sunday on our electronic ship in the heart of the fishing village of Ban Tai.

At Loi Lay, we love to spice up your Sunday night and feed your soul with musical discovery, which is why we strive to the maximum to bring new sounds from all around the world.

Come lose yourself, find yourself, throw yourself and sway, be yourself and let the music punctuate your night in the tropics of this enchanted island.

Let's welcome our Special Guest ...

๐ŸŽถ Marco Loco ๐ŸŽถ

Glasgow-born/Ibiza-influenced Marcoloco has been involved in the dance industry for 2 decades. He spent 14 summers djing in Ibiza where he held some of the most prestigious residencies on the island such as Space (residencies for Carl Cox, Toolroom Knights, Ibiza Calling & Cafe Ole), Manumission, Cafe Del Mar, Es Vive Hotel, Hush, Salinas Beach, Savannah, Eden & Es Paradis. He was also responsible for the legendary weekly morning boat parties Shipwrecked and Shipfacedโ€ฆ
Over the years he gained a reputation as one of Ibizaโ€™s most respected residents which was emphasised when he won โ€œBest Ibiza Resident Dj 2013โ€.
As Ibiza changed in many ways, Marco decided he was ready for a change too. After spending several winters in Thailand, he decided to move to Koh Phangan in 2015. He was musical director and resident Dj of Jungle Experience there for 3 years, helping the party to excel in every direction as much as possible.
He also started the islandโ€™s first chill-out party called โ€œCharm Beatsโ€ alongside Roni Kush which has quickly gained a strong reputation with the island locals.
Marco enjoys playing regularly at his favourite parties on the island whilst holding down residencies in Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Kuala Lumpur, using the rest of his free time in the studio.
With a new album and a world tour scheduled for 2018, Marco will always continue to share his love for music; wether it be from the studio or the Dj booth โ™ฅ

๐ŸŽถ David Chong ๐ŸŽถ

If David Chong has become a producer of international reach on planet House, it has nothing to do with fashion vagaries. Sound is a precious material and it has to be thoroughly studied before one can shape it to perfection. David grows up with his eyes and ears widely open to the world. His father is a biochemist and the family travels to many places: Guyana, Ivory Coast, Madagascar... They end up in France in 1988. Time for graduation and above all, time for David's first nights out around Paris and its suburbs and for his first mixes in rave parties. In 1990, David studies economy and gets his diploma, he's on the right track. Thanks to his brother RLP (Hip Hop DJ and artistic director in a record company) David moves away from his economy diploma and starts a trainee in the Guillaume Tell recording studio, at that time the best in town. That's where he's going to understand the importance of studio work. "Everybody can learn how to mix records with two turntables in three weeks. A sound engineer does real work". Six months later, David is fired for not showing up at a session. His trump card: he meets a publicist who lends him his professional home studio. That's where he will make his first three 12" inches that will come out on a small label in 93. From then on, David makes records the wild way and goes around most of the independant parisian labels (Pschent, Basenautic...)
1997: reunion with Bruce Skin, head sound engineer at Guillaume Tell's. He has his own studio, Avec Brio. Both found of Funk, Bruce and David create the Sunshine Funk collection and pull out four 12" inches. At the same time, David goes on the air with Sunshine mix on Radio Nova. That's where he meets Dee Nasty, the Hip Hop chemist. Together they bring forth the anthem of the 1999 Techno Parade "Music makes me dance". After twenty 12" inches/remixes and two compilations, David Chong comes out in the States on Trax and Guidance and puts his sharp yet sensitive sound engineer's ear at work on Dee Nasty's fifth album. At the moment, after joining Le Maquis, David Chong prepares his first album, somewhere in Amsterdam. Complete quietude. Complete modesty. "It takes many nights, many years to understand the subtley of a machine".

๐ŸŽง Igor Elkin ๐ŸŽง
Asia Experience

Igor Elkin, professionaly known as DJ Elkin, is a Russian DJ and music producer. His professional career Elkin began in 1999.
Catching up DJ work, Igor for a long time is one of the most wanted touring DJ's in Siberia.
He has organized a lot of his own parties as a promoter, including complete organization of two open - airs in the Altai Mountains and bringing the exclusive headliner for Siberia - Chris Cargo (UK). Having reached the peak of mastery in work DJ, and finding its firm tone, Igor decided to implement the experience and knowledge to create their own tracks. His own musical tastes was formed by artists such as: Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, And One, Camouflage, Echomen. Present time he prefer genres such as: tech house, techno progressive, minimal techno & deep house.
He was never afraid to make unusual and strange sound, mix genres and styles,
he looks forward and thinks that exactly idea of genre-mixing (a couple of styles and genres in one track) will be popular in future.
Resident DJ and music director Phangan family community, resident festival of electronic music Sunvibes in the Altai Mountains, resident DJ and music director festival of electronic music Butterfly DJ Sessions in the Altai Mountains, resident Emotional Noise Record Label / Proton L.L.C.(California, USA), resident DJ, music director Asia Experience (Moscow).
He currently lives and works in Moscow. Events held in the Moscow clubs ยกโ‰ˆโ€”โ€”ล’ร•ร•ยปรทยฟ and GAZGOLDER many are now known not only in Moscow but also abroad.
For many years Elkin has been living and playing underground music in Koh Phangan (Thailand) and Goa (India).
Currently, given the start of parties Asia Experience on the Chateau De Fantomas Rooftop (Moscow) and Gazgolder club (Moscow).

and celebrate the last night of...

๐Ÿš€ Darragh Casey (Ire) ๐Ÿš€
Deep Tech Recs

Irish born and raised, Currently in Thailand
Resident DJ at Loi Lay, Regulars - Jungle Experience, Eden, Guys Bar, Waterfall & more.
Released on Deep Tech Records, Go Deeva, Moria Audio, Antiqua, Deep Vein


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