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Koh Phangan and the story with Seven Eleven

6 Apr 2016

If you have spent anytime on Koh Phangan you already know the story of Seven Eleven. If not, I will now try to reveal the small story for you. It is a good story, full of good people and happy hippies. It contains all of the elements that we like to feel about. Cause it is not JUST a happy story, just beneath is a whole other story of possible harmful development. 

Koh Phangan is the place where everyone knows how to party.
A party after party, dance after dance, chill out after chill out, turning day into nights and nights into days. You jump up fromthe bed by sunrise to enjoy the morning after-party and you are happy to stay out all night to attend all the awesome party’s which seems to be going on around the clock... 
All the happy hippies, dancing apparently all day and all night long, believing in the Power of Peace and Love, ALL of them, meet by Seven Eleven... day and night. This space managed to be the place where everyone needs to go for some reason at some point of the day... or night. Because of this sweet phenomenon, others took the possibility to hang out on the bench in front and simply watch life and friends coming by, hanging out and connecting day and night. By now, everyone know, if there is nothing to do, there is ALWAYS 7 hanging… You are bound to meet another chiller hanging out there or 1 of your friends coming by for a small stop. Restaurants, travel service, bike rent, pharmacies all close by, so whatever you need, you can find… Just around 7 ;) 
The island has now a Seven Eleven in every area and so far I haven’t seen a single one who didn’t become the meeting spot. North on the island, where the more quiet places exist, it is still meeting ground on a lazy day :)