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Kelly Kellam

30 Mar 2015

Kelly Kellam, a.k.a. Kellam, got his start in New York City where he quickly became a fixture in the underground dance music scene and has rapidly gained acclaim across North America He has most recently taken a role in Thailand at the W Retreat Koh Samui as the W Music Curator and resident DJ where he is programming the events there for 2015. His positive energy and knack for weaving together deep grooved melodic tracks has made him a rising star in the dance music world which has landed him bookings at many of the top clubs and events in the United States and more and more internationally; including Output(NY), Marquee(NY), Avalon(CA), Project LA(CA), Treehouse (Miami), Burning Man, and the infamous underground club in NYC ‘Beef Cuts’.

Kellam's dynamic sound ranges from warm sunrise sessions with a deep melodic groove, to dark funky grooved deep tech houseWhether it be a sunset on the beach, 3am in a warehouse, or a mellow sunrise, he will have you tuned into the moment with special selection of tunes that will capture and direct the vibe appropriately.
He constantly digs for tracks and integrates sounds that will always keep you moving & in a euphoric rhythmic groove.

He tunes into the vibe and has a way of sculpting the energy of the room through his music selections and how he threads together a dynamic range of melodic and syncopated rhythms.