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Jungle Experience - Interview with Chai Sritongkul

6 Apr 2016

    Darragh Casey mix at the Jungle Experience 

Hello Chai and thank you for making this interview with us.
When the Jungle experience party first started and how?
The Jungle Experience came to life 8 years ago. I wanted to create a unique and memorable new party location deep in the beautiful Thai Jungle with an atmosphere and energy totally different from the Fullmoon beach parties in Haadrin




The name Jungle Experience was chosen by Andy Anahata who was my partner in the early days of Jungle and now he runs the very popular ‘Electronic Saturdays’ at Anahata in Baan Kai.
How did the Jungle Experience develop over the years?
Over the last 2 years jungle has been going through many stages of development and improvement as we want the ‘Experience’ to be a jungle event people will never forget. That’s why we created the magical flower garden all around making you feel like you step into another world.
I want jungle to keep evolving for the better and I have many exciting new plans that will evolve coming soon. I have opened the Jungle Experience garden as a public space to be used on a non party dates for Phangan culture, live music and arts activities. The fire spinning community of Phangan is now using the Jungle garden as a play ground on Tuesday evenings starting at 8. If anyone else is interested in using our location for cultural projects or activities, he is most invited to come and share his idea with me. 

What style of music is being played at the Jungle Experience?
We bring only the highest quality underground sounds of Tech, Deep, Electro and Progressive House music. All played by international guests and Phangan’s finest residents DJ’s.
What is the main aspect at the success of the jungle Experience party?
I think the atmosphere in jungle is what makes it so special. The energy comes from the amazing natural surroundings of tropical Thai jungle. Flowers all around and mountain stream running though the garden. This energy is combined with great music from our DJs, beautiful décor and light show and my amazing team of jungle staff and the performers. That’s where jungle’s success comes from. We make it with our heart and feeling and we want to do whatever we can to make people enjoy and never forget their time with us.
What are your plans for 2012?
Last New Year I made for the first time 2 days music and arts festival on Phangan called Jungle Evolution. At the next high season I would like to make another extended event. We have some very special guest DJ’s coming in high Season and some amazing performers so it’s going to be an exciting and busy time for us!
What do you think about the music and party scene on Koh Phangan?
The music and party scene on Phangan has been going through a lot of changes recently and I think for the better. Just like with nature nothing can remain the same for long. Phangan has some really great weekly events such as the Sunday Nights at Loy Lai floating bar, Electronic Saturdays at Anahata, Hacienda beach club, Sramanora waterfall party, Pirates bar and Backyard the original Fullmoon afterparty. 

People have been working very hard to develop and promote the quality of Phangan’s electronic music scene and I on my behalf I want to thank them for their help in making Jungle what it is today. People such as the very busy DJ Peter G and Jackie Baker the promoter and a key member in my jungle team. Our residents DJs: Darragh Casey and Rob Gritton and the other members of the jungle team. Dancers and performers are working hard keeping everyone smiling. 
What are we going to experience at the next party to be held on June 4?
I think its going to be a great night as we have a special guest DJ Dan Buri coming from Bangkok who is always a big hit in the jungle as well as 3 of Phangan’s top resident DJ’s – Darragh, Rob Gritton and Peter G. We are also excited to welcome DJ Jourdan Bourdes (uniform recs. L.A) for the first time in the jungle. I just built a brand new cocktail bar which will be up and running on the 3rd as well as new dance podiums, some great new décor. We also have an exciting new performer doing something never seen in a party here before but I’m not going to tell you what it is!