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The Good the Evil and the Really Weird - Part II

9 Aug 2011

I fell in Love 4 the 1st time. She was amazing! Long Brown Thick hair - Big Brown eyes and beautiful small tits. 

She was french which made evey word she spoke like magic. She had been travelling around all her life and was here to visit a friend. She could drink more than any of the guys and SHE was the 1 bringing the Pills from Holland.

She dressed like a guy - but being a punk already - it didnt make such a big difference ;) ! She was brilliant and all I wanted was 2 b with her.

1 night we decided 2 leave ! Get the Fuck out of there. We could live from her pills - and my last salery ! That would b more than enough we figured. I left a note in the family kitchen 1 day they 4 a bigger family dinner and brought the baby with them. Felt quite sad actually! Again I packed my small belongnings and left in Darkness. I met her in the Hang-out. She fixed a car she said. Would take us through the mountains 2 Italy - 2 a ski-resort where she know we can stay for free for some time. Sure !! All is as she said ! That she forgot 2 mention that the car was stolen and 3 guys ( without licenses of course - cause who cares - the car is stolen anyway ) 

would b taking us through the boarder in the mountains. 

The Up-side about all this was simple. 

No Boarders and mostly No Boarder Controls !!!