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17 Jun 2011


So ... I went of. Packed the little belongings I have had in the small room I've lived in for the last 3 years.
Tip toed out in the darkness. Half a moon to light my way.
Very far out on the countryside in Denmark I mangaged to get a lift.
24 hours after I am standing in Zürick.
Looking on supermarked boards I found an au-pair job. Rich coulpe with Baby Claudio. Nice .. all set.
If I thought the Inner Mission Christian Boarding school I just left from was boring - then this job was even worse! 
I was baby sitting - cleaning  and cooking all day long and in the nights I had baby Claudio calling at least 4 times for a warm bottle. 
So - as it mostly is with little girls who think the grass is greener on the other side - I had to admit that this sucked even more!
Fuck it - I thought - I came to live! 
So I talked with the Lady of the house - who actually agreed in giving me more time of to meet friends. ( Bless her heart - she was good - she just didnt know who she was dealing with )
I was ( and still am ) very lucky! They family provided everything for me - from toothpaste to ciggies and of course a very good monthly salery. I was living in what they called a basement - but from my standards it was 
more like a penthouse appartment. The basement included a pianoroom - living room - bedroom and kitchen. The laundy was there too - which was made it the basement for them - but very handy for my doings - for me. 
We all seemed very happy with the arrangement.
Except that I was a spoiled kid and I was BORED.
So ... I started to go out.
To be 17 - blond but full green and believing that Living is to try anything at least once in life - made the baseblock or the building block I u want - that I needed for having my first Real Good Times of My Real Life!