Danny International - Interview with DJ Danny Nation

12 Feb 2021

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DJ Danny NationDanny Nation has been a DJ for 20 years now, playing anywhere and everywhere from Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Bali, Phuket, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, London, Paris, Cape Town, South Africa and also over in Canada, playing in Toronto, Waterloo and Kitchener - Ontario and over in Vancouver BC. 

Progressing with the music as the years went by, he has never been pigeon-holed to one single genre, and has enjoyed growing and playing all musical styles over the years. 
Danny plays mostly House these days, be it Ibiza style, Hard, Tech, Funky, Deep or Soulful.

He also has a residency at the exclusive Maya Beach Bar in Thailand, where on a Sunday he plays his favourite Funk, Soul, Rare Groove and Disco hits, mixed with Deep House as the sun sets and the night draws in. He's played several Drum&Bass nights along with a monthly House residency at the world famous "Castle" nightclub. 

Playing everything from pirate radio stations to legal radio stations in the UK & Europe, bars, clubs and 5 star resorts around the world, and at some of the biggest and best Beach parties like Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa, Fullmoon Koh Phangan in Thailand and opening for some of the biggest names in the business today, Danny has lived the dream and continues to spread his selection of good music as he continues on his global & musical travels.

DJ Danny Nation at the Jungle Experience Koh Phangan

Hi Danny. Thank you for doing this interview.
How and when did your DJing start?

I have memories as a kid hearing tracks like “Promised Land” and “French Kiss” and thinking Wow! I love this music! At the age of 14, I was hooked and would mix between two cassette tapes, until I later got better equipment. I was also on a small pirate radio station at the time (Destiny FM). I spent years as a youngster working within the UK rave sccene for Terry Turbo, so I got to meet all the big name DJ’s and producers and learnt a lot from them. My big break was probably playing out in Ayia Napa when the UK Garage scene had taken off over there.
I held some very nice residencies and played at some top spots at the time. My fondest memory was playing the opening set for Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) Kiss FM Live on Nissi Beach! From there it span out of control and this musical journey I’m on, just went crazy.

How would you classify your style of music, and who do you get your inspiration from?
I am someone who strongly believes you shouldn’t pigeon hole music that makes people dance. As long as it is well produced, has rhythm & soul and the lyrics have a true menaing, what does it matter what we call it? I play everything from: Tech House, Funky House, Deep House to UK Garage, Jungle/Drum&Bass and Funk, Soul, Jazz, Disco, Rare Groove, R&B, Hip Hop and Balearic beats. As long as the people dance, it’s all dance music to me. The key to a good party (IMO) is to mix it all up. Take the ravers backwards, forawards and round-and-round!

Danny Nation at The Rock Full Moon Paty Koh Phangan

Growing up from a young age, I was always around musical people. People like Tobie Scopes (Back2Basics/Serial Killaz) Marvin “Marvellous” Kain, Joe Flanagan, Sponge, Rude-bwoy Monty, DJ Fluid (One Nation), Natty P (DaVinci Sound system) to name but a few. These people all inspired and had an influence on me as a youngster.

What is your Koh Phangan story?
I’ve partied a lot over the years on Koh Phangan, and played a few times at several bars in Haad Rin. It was only when I started playing at Loi Lay Floating Bar that I got a real taste for the Koh Phangan party scene. 

From there I played up at the amazing Jungle Experience and also at The Rock/Paradise Bunglaow Resort for the Fullmoon parties.I think after the first weekend of doing all 3 of these parties it was sealed for me. 

I Love the Koh Phangan party scene! I also played at the Rhythm & Sands Music festival and that really was a brilliant party! Great venue, on the beach with a pool and views to die for! It is because of this I am now over here once a month, at least. 

Dj Danny Nation at the Jungle Experience party Koh Phangan

How is it playing in here compared to where you come from or where you have been playing before?
Koh Phangan has a vibrant and an absolutely amazing party scene! I play all over Thailand right now, and everywhere is very different, but Koh Phangan is definitely one of my favourites! The amount of effort that goes into putting on the parties really shows! There is so much attention to small details that really matter.

I have seen on your Facebook wall that you have been doing some island hopping here. Which island do you prefer? As a tourist? As a DJ? As an Organizer?
I currently reside on Koh Tao, as it is my little tropical island getaway. I am also resident DJ and events/promotions manager at Maya Beach Club.
I like being on Koh Tao, because I feel at home here. To party though, it has to be said Koh Phangan has my heart there! It has a very strong dance music scene that’s second to none, and whereas islands like Phuket and Koh Samui have slipped in recent times and more and more venues are playing the same old (mostly US manufactured) Popshit (as I call it), Koh Phagan continues to grow and the parties just keep getting better and better! 

What are your next gigs on Phangan?
I’ll definitely be at The Rock Bar/Paradise Bungalow Resort for the Fullmoon party this month and a spot at Loi Lay Floating Bar, as for the other gigs, keep your eyes open for the posters and flyers. I’m always popping up over on Koh Phangan.




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