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12 Oct 2011


Walking through 50 realities to get to my final destination.
Waah .. ! I do like this dimensional traveling, but in my attempt to follow the group - my family at times - I apparently got a ride on the Inter Galactic Highway and refused - or missed - all the Exits to return 2 some frequency where communication would be available - ( Yeea- I mean it’s not for nothing we go hitch hiking .. so why leave when we finally reach the state of mind we searched for-)
The problem.. Or let me say..
- the challenge - was just that - after realizing they already left and I somehow on my own - of course - had ended up on my terrace AGAIN .. after yet another eager try to actually reach final destination Full Moon Party- the challenge was then to get my own physical me across the jungle grass realities al by me and my self .. !
Ehee .. I decided very fast that crawling was not a good idea.. so after around half an hour trying to get to my feet.. remembering that those actually WERE my feet .. - I dared my first baby step into what looked like a sure TimeLoop - cause - here I was - back on my ever famous terrace - surely convinced that I’ve just been getting up from the jungle ground .. hmm ..
Ok .. seriously Come On .. !!
.. - and then I went - on my feet this time - down to cross my dimensional challenges .. ! Waauw .. to my surprise ( and why that would be surprising to me after so many years of inner travel I don’t know .. ) the Jungle was soft, friendly, interesting, exiting J The ground forms after my bare feet -of course - shoes are NOT an option in these mindstates .. ( ehhe .. if it’s because they feel to complicated to ever consider in that moment or it has a deeper profound meaning I will let the people decide .. eeh hmm )
.. The grass is soft .. I go through Smiling faces .. Forrest parties of little Ones .. I sink into the ground .. all the plants r taller than me .. Its warm and cozy .. I feel Loved and Alive .. I Laugh .. I try to remember why I am here .. I am not sure .. I don’t care .. I feel good exactly where I am .. I move around .. like underground but not .. many beings here smiling at me, curious, friendly - more knowing .. I feel SO happy .. THEN I remember !- Full Moon Party - the Chakra and the place I am going. Where my family would wait to embrace me - on their own frequency surely - happy joyful when we tune in on each others J and even more exited when we go for another ride - just to come back and tell about the adventures!
Aauu-..!! What a night !
Waking up listing to Women of Wisdom, creating beautiful stories about our multi dimensional beings - being forced to live in a linear world dimension. How our physical bodies will evolve to a more fluid state and we will be able to experience our (continuance) consciousness - somebody might call it future - on more than one level of reality as we are bound to now.
I love life! To taste the dimensional walks on an earthly Saturday - crossing the jungle grass with final destination Full Moon Party, knowing that even though Full Moon Party really seems close - NOTHING is really what it seems-!!
Love & embraces - Touch & kisses
PsyXena - Twisted Junkie - Bitch Witch - Acrobatic aggressive Fanatic and Flowering Child.
What will be - will be - Created from your seeds.. feelings, thoughts, dreams and intent - so - Go ! - Create Snitz !!