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Back to paradise II (by Orion)

26 Dec 2010


Just went to 7/11 to by some cigarettes, stopped over at a nice place for a beer, met nice crazy young French guys and after several thoughts decided that I'm not going to the Blackmoon party, 500 baht is too expensive for my blood, 500 baht to see the buckets people, I've seen enough of them.
It's all because the power failure.
When I got back to my guesthouse, I did a small mistake, I parked my scooter at a wrong spot, fuck I am so stupid, so stupid!
Have no flash light and no mobile - nothing. I am totally blind!
I hear a river, it's getting crazier and crazier, one wrong step and I'm in the river, a river?!?
I haven't seen any river before! fuck fuck fuck I'm lost ! I have no idea where I am??¦
I have no idea the way to my guesthouse
I go back to the scooter, and that's it, I use its lights, maybe ask some people, find the way , and go to sleep.
Ok.., So??¦ Where did I park my scooter? Good question, very good, is there good answer?
It's the Blackmoon night, total darkness! The only thing I see is blackness, absolutely blackness!
That's it, one stupid mistake and my fate is to stay here over night, somewhere.
Sleep on the ground and pray that no one will run over me and no rain will come. Find a dry spot. It's possible, ye, I can sleep one night on the leaves.
No, I am not staying here over night, I want my room! I want to be in my room so badly! I want my bed, my music, my shower, my book!
I need a miracle, that's it, just a miracle will rescue me.
No no no rain, not now, come on, it's not the miracle I was thinking about, come on - stop, please stop, pleasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee .
I hear something, I see lights, is it a motorbike?
Hey you, please, stop, hey where the SP guesthouse is?
So close, funny, and I see my scooter, yes, I am going to sleep, I am going to sleep in my own bed!
I drive the scooter all the way to my room, no more stupid stops, I'm not parking outside, I'm not turning off the scooter until I'm in my room.
People should learn from their mistakes, especially when the first one happened half an hour before.
What? What do you mean I can't drive the scooter to my room? Who am I? It's me, I stay in this guesthouse, are you serious? Don't you remember me? Hey dude I have no flash light, no way I find the way, Can I borrow a flash light for 2 minutes? Ok.., ok??¦ You don't have, don't be so rude.
I'll ask those guys. And ye, it's a good opportunity to know the people in my guesthouse.
Hey guys, do you have a flash light for 2 minutes? Maybe candle? I see you have some whisky, ye, why not? One drink and I go to sleep. So you are French and you've been traveling for 8 years, respect.
And you? Mozambique??
What Mozambique? I thought in Mozambique there are only black people.
That girl is bullshitting me, ok, I pretend I believe her.
What do you mean you know me'
How come? My last time here was 18 months ago, I don't think it's me
Fuck you are fuckin' right, I was here in the same guesthouse with Natalie the German girl, fuck, how do you remember her name?
Ye ye now I remember you! We smoked together from your huge bong!!
I have pictures of you smoking from this bong!
Dude it's madness!
We bump each other 18 months after at the same place!
Let me get up to hug you.
One tiny zip, just one tiny, I deserve it, 7 months I haven't taken L.S.D.
Why not? Nice people, nice music they've got one tiny.
Fuck they are going to the party, I am not paying 500 Baht .
Ye, right, it's little bit late, maybe it's for free now.
It's coming up, I feel it, I feel it big time.
Tania, you scare me, not the dogs.
Fuck she really scares me with her yells.
100 baht? Ok I can pay 100, it's not 500.
Fuck it's hard. A 100 baht note, come on, where are you hiding?
Come to daddy.
Everything is moving, the ocean , the decoration, the clouds, the nets, it's all spinning, coming, going, teasing and running away.
Fuck ??¦ I'm tripping.