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Are u looking for a best friend?

6 Apr 2016

Paris and Cindy have been with Phagnan Animal Care (PAC )- the island's clinic for the homeless animals - since they were around 6 weeks old.   

When we moved to our new site at Wok Tum we found these 2 small puppies dumped outside our front gate.  They were healthy on arrival but unfortunately they never found a home.  They are now 3 years old and have been spayed and are fully vaccinated. 

People often don't think about the new lease of life that they can give to adult dogs but think about it - they're already toilet trained, getting very good on the lead and love to be loved.  The 2 of them would make incredibly loyal pets!


Paris loves nothing more than to put her head on your knee for a rub and Cindy loves nothing more than eating!

We would love these 2 sisters to go to a new home together but we do understand that this isn't always possible so if you want either one of them please contact us at info@pacthailand.org

Help these 2 dogs before they become institutionalised!!!