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It's not always Tranquility and Sunshine on our beautiful Phangan

1 Nov

This weather eh?! It has been stopping a few people in their tracks but generally a bit of rain is welcome. Especially with the smoke from Indonesia hitting the island.

Em Bry0 and Christopher Thomas went up to Thong Nai Pan on their day off last Sunday. It was touch and go at first as to whether they would make it but they managed to get up there without getting wet!

Now the picture above really doesn't do it justice but the sea was crazy! Thong Nai Pan is usually a favourite swimming destination with its clean beaches and calm water but the red flags were out and the waves were crashing! There was no one else in the sea but Em and Chris (mainly Chris) thought this was exciting!

They both had loads of fun though, body surfing in the crashing waves and larking about but it did get a bit too hectic so they just sat on the sand where Em sat on a big crab (this was only discovered after she felt it wiggling beneath).

It just goes to show that this tropical island has all the elements! But we love it! What can be better than emersing yourself in mother natures power whether that be sun and tranquility or rain, thunder and crashing waves.

As you can see, the Buri Rasa Resort had even made a sand bank wall as the sea was coming right up nearly into their restaurant at certain times, everyone has to still get on with daily life!

So, Phanganist's Happy Full Moon Party day! At the moment it's raining but maybe that will change, you never know?!

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