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Sangdee is a non-profit space that promotes visual arts popularly engaged by our community. Through the organization of curated exhibitions featuring local artists, and a series of workshops, we offer a unique space in Chiang Mai’s thriving art community. Sangdee depends on community support through the acquisition of artworks, participation in our activities, and donations. Sangdee is a program of The D Foundation for Doing Good Work.


Coming events

24 Jan 9:00
Two day course with one day classroom and pool-training and the second day two dives in the ocean. This course gives you a limited diving... more
24 Jan 9:30
(For English scroll down) Yoga fitness Pratique de yoga ludique et dynamique s’adaptant à toutes personnes et tous niveaux. Développez... more
24 Jan 12:00
Yes, it's actually happening. Banyan will be closing it's doors for good at the end of January, 2018. But not before the obvious... more
24 Jan 12:00
Every woman welcome, every Wednesday at noon at Free Bird Cafe, no agenda, no scheduled talks, just a great way to meet a bunch of other... more
24 Jan 18:00
Bamboo Park is starting a new event on Wednesday, 24.1.2018: The new "Bamboo Park Reggae Night"! - Live music from 8 pm with the great "... more
24 Jan 19:30
SHASTRO is coming back to the island with his heart opening Live Music Satsang. Enjoy it on 7th of February, 2018, at 7 pm in the Jungle... more

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