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High Park Samui - A Feeling of Freedom

4 Feb 2018

High Park Samui is the first slide, fly and pool party on Koh Samui. The idea was to make a place that is fun, full of party people and extreme, along with the best view in Chaweng.  People are welcomed not just for the slides but the pool parties which happen every day with great live DJs, drinks and food.
Expect to find yourself spending a good 4 or 5 hours at this amazing water park!

The slides are  12 metres high,  one for high jumps and the other is a flat one. The drop is extreme and great for adrenaline junkies.

They are the tallest slip and fly slides in Thailand.

Other attractions at the park are; The best sea and lake view in chaweng, Infinity pool, Food and drinks and 2 high quality pool tables.

Tell us about the parties...
We give special attention to our party people. the people are dancing like there is no tomorrow! Loving the music, the view and we are happy to give our costumers the  best party feeling  because we (the owners) are party people too! Lets just say that we need to buy more and more drinks for the fridge every day!

Can people book day and week tickets?
Day tickets yes. They can buy it on our website at www.highparksamui.com, at tour offices on the island or just come here and pay at the gate. The ticket is a one day pass.

How often are you open?
Currently we are open every day 12:00 – 20:00 except Monday. From February we will be open every day!

What makes High Park special on Samui?
We give the costumers  the feeling of freedom, a pool party with the best views, live djs and all day fun. Reasonable prices and extreme activities. The place looks great and the location is in Chaweng just 2 minutes drive from central festival mall.

Any special plans for this year?
We are planning to make unique parties and keep the great feeling  going! We are also starting to rent out the space for special activities like weddings and bachelor parties.

Start from January 23rd, all residents of Samui and Phangan can enter the park and use the slides for free!! 

We are adding activities and games to help make it a full day party activity such as installing more slides, zip lines, volleyball,  snapling, mad ball and many many more. The idea is to give the costumers a full day party fun atmosphere.  

And why should people visit High Park?
It’s the new place to be,  people are bored of sitting day after day at bars on the beach and High park gives them something fresh and different from sitting on the beach reading a book and waiting for the night to come!

We are making special promotions all the time!