Cheap Things to do in Bangkok for a Week with Leo

18 Aug 2018

A cheapskate's guide to a week of happy travel – and wallet – in Bangkok. Short on cash, but nothing short of fun.


Kickstart your Bangkok adventure with some boat trips. Best way to get an overview of how much the city's got to offer 🙌


Treat yourself to some of Bangkok's best street-side cuisine in Chinatown. Get ready for vibrant tastes – and views! 🌈


Hump day calls for some intense Muay Thai fights to reinvigorate you. MBK Fight Night usually takes place every Wednesday. No fee, yes thrill! 💦


Slack off, get some authentic Thai massage, and soothe those travel muscles 💪


Obviously, Khao San Road – the physical form of TGIF! With a 1 km strip of shops, bars, and more, this is indeed "the center of the backpacking universe." 💥


Shop 'til you drop at Chatuchak Weekend Market. It offers such a wide variety of cheap products - from typical Thailand t-shirts to telephones from the '40s. 😵


Take a short break from the urban chaos by visiting Bangkok's more laidback and greener parts in Lumpini Park. 🍃

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