Bangkok with Leo - Party in a Big Living Room at Mustache

12 Feb 2021

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Mustache is the leading Underground venue in Bangkok, on the ground Floor they are open at 10pm with local Bangkok Djs like Soi Dogs, Dan Buri, Kuroten, Sam Linden, Davig Venus or Internationals djs like Nakadia, Lea Dobricic, and many more. On the Rooftop they have opened a Pizzeria called Lapizza.

Mustache offers the best dj's in town, quality Electronic Music, Deep House, Tech-House and Techno  from Wednesday to Saturday until late hours.

Hi Olivier, what is different about Mustache in Bangkok?
Mustache is different than others clubs because of the atmosphere, you really feel like you are partying in a big living room with cool people. Mostly Foreigners but also Thai people. We're very happy to see the Thai crowd to evaluate and understand that electronic music is not limited to the EDM.

What is the atmosphere, how do you want people to feel?
As we are not located on Sukhumvit Road, so not in a tourist area, we get only the crowd who come for the music, they know about Mustache and what they will get.

What uniqueness does your Mustache bring to Bangkok?
The dj booth is in the middle of the dance floor so the style is like a Boiler Room setup, this gives a unique experience to dance near international djs and be next to them.

What are your hopes for the future?
We really hope the situation in Thailand is getting better with the Nightlife, we are working very hard to make it happen but we never know where we re going.

I can't really debate my answer, I will call my Joker to pass this question…

What special offers do you have?
We have a special deal with the bottle (Smirnoff & Red Label) for 1000 Baht net everyday before Midnight, every Wednesday we also do the Lady's Night with 3 free drinks for the ladies and buy 1 get 1 free for the guys!

What do you enjoy about Bangkok?
I have lived in Thailand for 10 years now, but I still enjoy the travel. I take my car and leave Bangkok for Kanchanaburi or to an island, this happens many times.

I also enjoy my new project, I plan to do small festivals called ‘Mustache Takeover’  which will happen the next Sunday 8th of April at Viva aviv Riverside (Afternoon) and also the 9th of May at Sing Sing Theater.

And leave us with Mustache philosophy...
Music is the expression of your soul, your culture and your people. It is the cry or the sound that comes from within, from any country, from any color, making us dance and even lifting our mood. For me, music is like water – I need it to survive.