The Grand Palace - The Final Goodbye to Thailand's Beloved King

12 Feb 2021

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After the unfortunate death of the late King Bhumibol, the whole of Thailand are in mourning and thousands and thousands of people from all over Thailand come to show their respect at his funeral at the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

The government is trying to let as many people inside as possible each day, and plans to open for 10,000 – 30,000 people per day.

The Thai people show their mourning by coming to the palace and providing food, shops, fans, transport and everything for free. Many people have arrived from far away to pay their last respects to their beloved late King.

Every few steps you take, food and supplies are being offered to you freely day and night.

His death does not only bring sadness to the country, but is for the Thai people also a reminder to act more kind to each other and try to do better and love each other more in general. Hopefully this will spread to more than just the Palace.

The Thai communities are facing difficulties right now and have lost much unity lately as a reaction to the current political scene. The death of the beloved late King, brought back the realisation of the importance of unity and love again for the Thais. His death will hopefully bring unity back to the Thai people and not only sorrow!

The government confirms that the Grand Palace will be open again in November for tourists and all the entertainment will be back as normal after 14th November or 30 days after the funeral.

We do not have footage from inside the Grand Palace to show our respect for the funeral. We do have a few shots from the outside, thanks to a member of our Phanganist team the amazing Pang Wichiantiab.

Students from a nearby art university had been asked to portrait the King on boards alongside the queuing and some fantastic paintings came out of that.

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