FAAMAI Digital Arts Hub Launches at Chula

7 Jul 2022

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The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts (FAA) of Chulalongkorn University has announced the online launch of its groundbreaking FAAMAI Digital art hub with a new online video on the program, a digital art competition, and the commissioning of digital artworks for the project's international launch early in 2021.

Also, construction has started on the faculty's state-of-the-art Digital Arts Lab, which is expected to be finished in January 2021.

The outcome of a cooperation between FAA, Property Management of Chulalongkorn University (PMCU), and Pico (Thailand) PCL, an experiential marketing firm, is FAAMAI, which means 'Fine and Applied Arts Multidisciplinary Art Innovation Software'.

The FAAMAI Dome, a geodesic dome designed for digital art presentations, exhibitions, workshops, and therapy sessions, is the central facility for this collaborative project; at 35 meters in diameter and 17.5 meters in height, the FAAMAI dome is the largest of its type in the Asia-Pacific region.

Janat Thiengsurin, director of the FAAMAI project, noted that digital media currently plays a significant role in the lives of everybody and is a global phenomenon. Mr. Thiengsurin said that the area of digital arts is growing exponentially and that the development of digital arts, especially for interdisciplinary productions, has plenty of scopes.

Thailand's Digital Technology Association (DCAT) claims that digital content in Thailand has a market value of approximately Baht 25,000 million ( US$ 833 million).

FAAMAI's soft launch, which included press conferences and a dome site tour for Thai and Japanese-speaking journalists, coincided with a local initiative to support art galleries and cultural institutions in the surrounding districts, including the campus of the university.

Pathumwan Art Routes (PARs) is an initiative to alert Thai tourists and foreigners living in Thailand to tourism attractions that combine contemporary art, community lifestyles, and the rich cultural variety of food created by the Jim Thompson House Museum and the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

Jim Thompson House Museum, Yelo House, JWD art studio, CU Art4C (FAA's custom art and creative learning facility), PMCU and Chulalongkorn University Office of Art and Culture, all of which are located in the Pathumwan area, are part of the PARs project which runs through to the end of December 2020. The old community of Ban Krua, which is the location of the original Jim Thompson silk weavers and is famous for its lively street food scene, is also joining PARs.

"A specially created exhibition of digital sound named" Sum Eud Viek? "was created for the opening of the PARs and the online launch of FAAMAI. The title means" Are you free? and is a tease for teenagers in Isan, the northeast region of Thailand. 

The opening day of PARs and the launch of FAAMAI were both celebrated by a live performance of Isan folk music combined with found sounds and mixed media by Dr. Danuchate Wisaijorn (of the Department of Music of the faculty) and Warong Boonaree.

FAAMAI Director Thiengsurin said that for the formal launch next year, Professor Mickey Remann, Professor of Immersive Media at the Bauhaus-Universitaet in Germany, and the initiator and director of the FullDome Festival at Zeiss-Planetarium Jena, has been commissioned to develop an immersive media artwork. The creator of the concept and implementation of 'liquid sound' is also Professor Remann. Director Thiengsurin stated that the works were also more partnerships between foreign and local Thai artists.

A new project is taking shape in the area surrounding the dome, in addition to the artworks on display inside the FAAMAI dome: Day / Night Art Park. Artists, including many fine art lecturers from around the country and five national artists, will design and create unique pollution-free, solar-powered installations, and sculptures in consultation with the local communities in Samyan, Centenary Park, and Suan Luan Square that will glow in the dark, create sounds and be visible through blue-tooth technology.

Dr. Sirithorn Srichalakorn said sponsorship has been obtained for solar power and PM2.5 pollution sensors and a Ministry of Culture team will visit the dome and facilities. In the first quarter of 2021, she expects the design of the 15 artworks to be finished and the Day Night Park to be launched in June 2021.

A coding competition has been launched by the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts to encourage participation in the launch of the FAAMAI Digital Arts Hub: FAAMAI 360 Mapping Competition. The competition will present and showcase the potential of immersive media, interactive art, and science in a unique environment (FAAMAI Dome) under the theme 'New World'.

This exciting international competition is available to students, media artists, visualizers, music creators, multidisciplinary artists and researchers, and teams under 25 years of age. This is the first time Thailand has ever held a Projection Mapping contest displaying video on a 360 Dome. To apply, international contestants are encouraged. Professor Remann is one of the competition's judges.

The competition places the FAAMAI Digital Arts Center at the forefront of the creativity of digital art, with local and international artists competing to transform the Samyan area, where the FAAMAI Dome is located, into the first Digital Arts District of the Kingdom.


Source: WowNews


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