This Duo Really Are Something Else

12 Feb 2021

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Phanganist speak to Anki of Something Else,  live international vocalist and DJ duo. Jourdan Bordes and Anki Delport (ANKI / Lokka Vox) Combined their Musical Talent and Charismatic forces to create Something Else.

This is a Performing Duo and Music Production Team ready to bring a Revolution and make Electronic Dance Music a platform on which they communicate a higher message of love and light. This is indeed their main objective!

Something else will be performing at Phanganist Hostel on 6th January this week.

Hi Anki, what’s your Koh Phangan story?

We decided out of the blue that it was time for a new adventure, packed our bags and came here with not much planned. We were basically just sick of everyday life and needed something new and different

How long have you been singing and performing?

I've been a professional singer and performer for the past ten years.

Anki is a singer / songwriter, lyricist and pianist, as well as producing, composing and giving live musical performances.


How long has Jourdan been DJ-ing?

Jordan has been DJ-ing since 1982 and started when he was just a teenage on turn tables that he got from a friend. Jordan is currently resident at Koh Phangan’s world famous Full Moon party and throughout his career has gained momentum and recognition for his unique, top quality DJ sets and music productions.

What is yours and Jourdan’s collaboration all about?

Well, apart from music, our main goal is to spread a message of love. Not only when we perform but wherever we go and whoever we connect with.


What will you be performing at Phanganist Hostel’s event on 6th January?

We would like to mix it up with some familiar classics as well as our own music and free styling on some different genres.

Do you make your own music?

Of course, when we are not performing we are in the studio either making beats or writing and singing vocals. We love it, it’s what we do and even though sometimes we feel like quitting when things get rough, we won’t ever be able to do anything else.


Anki, thank for speaking with us.


See Anki and Jourdan perform at Phanganist Hostel’s event on 6th January this week!