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Addict Forest Club


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Addict's concept is to provide a safe, friendly, fun atmosphere for those who love the underground scene and electronic music. Addict is about keeping an underground vibe that is true to underground music lovers who came into the rave scene many years ago.

We want people to come, enjoy the music, dance and celebrate life without any reservations. It is a place where one can truly come to release any negative energy, forget about the problems in life, join likeminded people and get lost into the music style that we provide.

When raves first broke into the scene, people would go to raves to get away from the everyday ordinary life woe's and issues. It was all about the music, the night, the friends, the gathering, the shuffling, the grinding, the celebration from the otherside of life that is contrary to popular mainstream culture and its' ideologies. At Addict Forest Club, this is the concept we try to foster and maintain throughout all our events.

At Addict we strive to maintain a certain level of standard to the musical genres and selections that is played at all our events. We are very selective in our style of sound, a deep progressive and techno sound.

We believe at Addict, it is the only party on Koh Phangan that delivers a true techno sound. All around the island are parties that caters to tech house and progressive, and at Addict, we wish to contribute to the community the techno genre that is much lacking on the island.

Deep progressive and techno only is the music at Addict

You can expect one of the clearest and best quality speakers for sound. Discounted rates for locals living on KP, and is free entry for all Thai people.