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Shiva Moon


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Shiva Moon party Koh Phangan

One of the sweetest parties on Koh Phangan!

A party place in Baan Tai area, 2 minutes drive into the jungle.

A beautiful garden with trance vibes where they play Psy Trance all night in a beautifully decorated valley!

The deco is made so well that it is hard to recognize the place after sunrise!

You can find your own private dance spot in a variety of places after your choice.

Alone among the nature, in the middle of the people, on a bridge with lights under on the “second” floor, by the bar at the low floor, in front of the DJ on the top or many other options.

It is a real party for the Trance dancers who can dance all night!

Also here we recommend taxi rides to and from the party!

Venue Info

+66 64 829 5700