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Phanganist speak to ME & her Playing at Jungle Experience Party Tonight!

13 Dec

ME & her are two musical soul-sisters bridging different cultures and talents. They bring a philosophy of "the whole is better than the sum of its parts" to the global dance floor. 


Phuong is a Vietnamese-Swiss; Jen hails from the former East Germany. They love their sounds spherical, their bass lines groovy, their beats fat and their melodies infectious. Adding Jen's fondness for old school, darker electro, ME & her presents a fusion of global influences. 


Phanganist speak to Phuong ahead of her DJ set tonight at Jungle Experience...



Hey Phuong, 


Are you looking forward to coming to Koh Phangan? 


Yes im really really looking forward to it.

Koh Phangan is definitely one of my favourite islands in Thailand. The best parties but also if you need a time out you can find some really chilled and quiet spots.



Have you been before or what have you heard? 


I’ve been to Koh Phangan a few times already. Of course the island is well known for its Full Moon Party but I have to say the island has so much more to offer. I prefer the quieter and more relaxed places in Koh Pha Ngan. It's such a beautiful island with wonderful beaches. 



What have you been up to already this year? 


This Year was a really intense year with a lot of highlights for us. We could extend our touring worldwide, had our very first US Tour and Africa Tour and had the chance to play for some major festivals like Electric City (Streetparade), Family Piknik w/ Sven Väth, Maceo Plex, Marc Romboy, Joseph Capriati and many more.

Also the famous Montreux Jazz Festival and it's worth mentioning - one of the most beautiful festivals I’ve ever been: Quest Festival in my home country Vietnam. We had a really great Sonar, Amsterdam Dance Event and had the honor to tour with ADE Global Session through India beginning of the year.  We will also end the year with an India tour.  

Of course we also spent some time in the Studio and had some releases on Clarisse Records and Natura Viva. and an upcoming EP on Hottrax and 2 special remixes for Miyagi on Einmusika Recordings and for Jan Blomqvist on Armada music. 

Beside of all the touring and music stuff, we slept and ate a lot!



You're playing Jungle Experience, has Marco Loco filled you in on how awesome it is? 


We heard from so many people that Jungle Experience is a real experience. That's why I wanted to see for myself and went there when Marc Romboy was playing. I fell in love with that place and atmosphere right away. It has something magical that's why im even more thrilled to play there now.   



What will you bring that is unique to Jungle? 


To be honest I have no idea but the most important thing is to have fun.

I will just go with the flow and if I can take the crowd on a journey with me and we all go home with big smiles on our faces then it will have been a unique jungle experience for sure.



What are your main projects for the rest of the year? 


Can’t believe that the year is almost over. At the moment we're focused on our last release last friday on Einmusika Recordings and our next release this thursday on Armada Music.

As I'm touring alone through Asia at the moment I’m very looking forward to our India tour next week as Jen & I will be reunited for Sunburn Festival again. 



What would you say to aspiring djs hoping to play around the world?


Work hard for it, nothing comes from nothing. find your own style, focus and never give up. 

Hard work always pays off and of course you always need someone who believes in you and supports you, that's why we are always up to support new talents. So feel free to send us your tracks & mixes.



And leave us with your music philosophy…. 


Where words fail, music speaks!


ME & her are playing Jungle Experience tonight! Check out their track on sound cloud here: 


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