Khao Tham Meditation Center


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Khao Tham Insight Meditation Center has been holding monthly Vipassana 
meditation retreats since 1988, when it was founded by Thai nun Mae Chee 
Ahmon to provide a place for international travelers to practice 
Buddhist Meditation.

The Center follows the teachings of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, of the Thai 
Forest Tradition of Theravada. It is associated with Suan Mokkh in 

Khao Tham Center is located in the hills above Baan Tai, next to Wat 
Khao Tham (Mountain Cave Monastery), which was founded many years ago by 
Thai Forest Tradition monks.

Our teacher is Phra Dr Marut Damchaom, and sometimes our abbot Phra 
Chaiwat gives teachings as well.

Meditation is practiced continuously throughout the day in silence. 
Periods of formal sitting meditation, walking meditation, and awareness 
in daily activities are complemented by dhamma talks and meditation 
instructions. All activities are formally performed in a group.

The purpose of the Khao Tham Center is only to spread the dhamma. All 
teachers and staff are providing their support in the service of the 
dhamma, and there is no charge for the teachings and guidance.

Accommodation and meals are provided. Donations are requested and 
happily accepted for supplying your physical needs while on retreat.

Location: Khao Tham Insight Meditation Center, in the hills above Baan 
Tai, Koh PhaNgan

Next retreat: begins 10 August 2019 and ends 20 August.

Website: with schedule, contact information, and more: