New Restaurant Ratatouille - Cooking with Passion and Heart

18 Oct 2017

Thomas’s Koh Phangan story starts in 2010 when he traveled to Thailand for the first time to visit a good friend.

“I quickly learned to appreciate the culture of the people and the Country and I have traveled to Thailand every year since then”.

In 2014 Thomas decided to set up a hotel with German cuisine in Thong sala and the next year he finally managed to get his Papa to Thailand also,

“It took a long time and a lot of persuasion needed to lure my Papa onto a plane but now he's already been here 3 times and he likes it better”.

Thomas unfortunately realised that the previous business was too little for him and always wanted to make his own kitchen and this is why he decided to open his own restaurant in February with girlfriend Noi.

For a long time Thomas studied about suitable names for the restaurant such as Checkpoint Charlie, Warm Up or Daxbau’. Then one day he by chance saw a picture of a comic figure from an animated film and the girl looked so similar to his girlfriend and so he decided to call it ‘Ratatouille’.

The restaurant had it’s Grand Opening on Monday 2nd October and the place was full of family, friends and the local and expat community. It’s always good to see such a mix of people in one place.

The dining are is situated in the covered outside garden, surounded by lush plants which feels very fresh and inviting, inside there is a large pool table area and bar.

The menu consists of Thai, German, Italian, French and Swiss food but just a few select dishes of each.

People often ask Thomas why he has so many cuisines on his menu and he tells people of the connection he has with them all,

“My Father is Italian, my mother is German and I was born in Switzerland. Now I have opened a restaurant with a French name and so I must also offer something French!”

Thomas has been cooking for 30 years now and he has always done it with passion and his heart.

“My first job wish came true when I was 14, it was in my school holidays and I could work 6 weeks in a canteen. I learned a lot and had lots of fun which still remains with me today.

I have more pleasure in cooking than eating! It’s a bit crazy, but it’s true!”.

Already there is a popular dish at Ratatouille which is the Swiss ‘Geschnetzeltes Zürcher Art (Zurich Style). It is sliced pork in a cream gravy sauce with the famous Swiss potato rosti and mushrooms.

Now Thomas has his Papa finally in Thailand and his beautiful girlfriend Noi, and of course not forgetting the dog Teddy, and two new family members of the cats Tango and Cash, here has found his happiness!

Ratatouille is open everyday from 10am to 10pm and is recognisable by it’s green walls and painted logo of vegetables on the side. Find them by turning left before Baan Tai 7/11 up towards Half Moon and Jungle Experience or from coming down the Mountain road into Baan Tai.

We wish them lots of luck for the future!