Sweet Local Flavours at PUNDa Ice Cream Shop

12 Feb 2021

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Nestled along the middle jungle road just off of the main Baan Tai road near Bangkok Hospital is the newly opened PUNDa Ice Cream Shop.

Its beautifully built, simple Thai Style and homely shop is a delicious place to find homemade ice cream during those lovely sunny days away from the crowds, surrounded by palm leaves and greenery.

Panda and her boyfriend Lam are originally from Chiang Mai and this is where Lam learnt the craft of making ice cream.

They moved to Koh Phangan 4 months ago and opened the ice cream parlour as part of their relocation.

The ice cream is all local flavours such as passionfruit, coconut, mango and even taro, pumpkin and melon so it caters for those with a sweet tooth and also those after something less sweet but just as refreshing.

Panda also stocks the shop with beautiful garments and bags as well as the resident kitten who brings of course its own sweetness.

PUNDa are open every day from 10am to 7pm so be sure to stop off for a relaxing break and some delicious ice cream.