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Life is like an ice cream, Enjoy it before it melts - Rebekkah & Bernie at Fresh

15 May

Like most people on Koh Phangan Rebekka who is from Norway found herself always coming back for more on bubblegum island Koh Phangan. Product Designer by profession, she then met Bernie and together they have created ‘Fresh’ at Sunset Walk in Baan Tai.

Rebekka and Bernie were having ice cream one day and that’s how the idea for Fresh began. Their favourite ice cream on the island was ‘Satimi’ just around the corner from Walking Street in Thong Sala and so now Satimi make ice cream exclusively for ‘Fresh’, they have around ten exclusive flavours.

“Koh Phangan has about 96% sunlight in a year so it makes sense to do something that goes hand in glove with this, and we love ice cream!”

Fresh is located and is in partnership with Koh Phangan’s most beautiful new location ‘Sunset Walk’ which is brought to you by the owners of Half Moon Party.

With this in mind they decided to open a small satellite store at Half Moon and test out Alcopops and frozen cocktails on the party loving crowd.

Rebekka played around with different flavours, handed them out to the crowd and received very positive feedback and so now you can find the vintage style Fresh store permanently at Half Moon.

The cocktails on a stick have gone down a treat with party revellers and so Fresh are now introducing a retail side to the business. They can cater to large resorts including ‘Summer Luxury Resort’ in Baan Tai where they are already giving these frozen treats to guests around the pool.

Fresh, of course, use all fresh ingredients such as mint and pineapple for the mojitos and they have cleverly designed a frozen vodka redbull;

“We have to come up with clever ideas because of course alcohol does not freeze. We are lucky because the red bull here in Thailand is kind of syrupy so the alcohol freezes inside of it”.

Phanganist headed down to visit Rebekka and Bernie at their flagship shop located at Sunset Walk, you can find them on the right hand side of the entrance walk way and can’t miss them if you spot the monkey mural artwork in their humble sweet garden.

We can understand their ethos of wanting to become somewhere to hang and chillout, maybe it’s just us already knowing their friendly energy but they both naturally make anyone feel at home.

Fresh exerts a vintage kitsch vibe that you would expect of any good quality ice cream parlour, the white english patio furniture on a deck of vibrant green grass alongside the ice cream booth that does not need to shout about how good it is simply does its job at being just one of the best places to enjoy some superb company and ice cream.

We went with whole intentions to just have one portion, having already sampled some before, it ended up being three!

Yes, that’s correct, three portions of ice cream!

The first was the popular coconut caramel, second was chocolate which is served with roasted hazelnuts and lastly but not least was hazelnut ice cream accompanied with a dollop of nutella. We were sure that the first was our favourite, then the second, now we’re really not sure as they are all so good!

Bernie is a seasoned ice cream eater, he knows what he is talking about so don’t be shy in asking for his recommendations. His current favourite being a sour sorbet which is great for refreshing yourself on a hot day.

Fresh is still in its sweet early beginnings but with a nice patience and not a sense of rush at all Rebekka and Bernie have high hopes for the future, we could of stayed all day when we last went to visit them but unfortunately we had to leave Fresh, its amazing ice cream and equally amazing hosts.

Fresh is open daily and you can find them at Sunset Walk in Baan Tai.

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