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Dinner at INFINITY Beach Club - The Art of Flavour

7 Jul

Written by Guest Writer Julia Aksenova

Most of the people who come to Koh Phangan for either short or long term obviously love the diversity of Thai food, that includes me.
Nevertheless, sometimes you start missing European cuisine and get into the quest to find a restaurant on the island with an interesting menu, not a boring one which consists just of french fries and burgers.

I was lucky to find a key to this quest which is called Infinity Beach Club!
The first impression you get coming in is that this place is so beautiful and relaxing! From the very first step you see a huge swimming-pool and a variety of places to drop-in for chilling, a great view overlooking the sea and Koh Samui on the horizon and a nice amount of people which doesn’t make this place too buzzing but nicely alive and the staff are serving with a smile.

After taking a seat on comfortable chairs (believe me, this is a very important point, if you have already been in a few restaurants in Thailand with bamboo Thai-style chairs, you will understand!), me and a friend of mine started exploring the menu, concentrating on the non-thai part even though the Thai meals looked also very tempting!

Starting from the drinks it was already hard to choose one due to the great variety of different cocktails, aperitifs and even wine options. We decided to try our favourite cocktails; I ordered Aperol Spritz and my friend ordered сlassical Margarita, it was a perfect start to our dinner!

My aperol spritz had well reached flavour and was exactly perfect in the ingredients ratio.

The margarita of my friend was as good as in New York City which I consider as a very good compliment! The cocktails served here are worth trying and make you feel excited about the further ordered meals.

The food menu is a delight. For starters, we tried the sushi because of my preconceived notion and awareness from other friends that Infinity is very famous for their sushi menu as they are one of the best on the island… Well, I must say I more than agree with everyone who considers that they are far and away the best!

I noted the experienced work of the Chef who has made the sushi menu very interesting, not boring and unoriginal, in addition to the freshness of the fish and all the ingredients we enjoyed the yummy smoked salmon with creamy cheese and cucumber rolled perfectly in the smooth combination of the taste with a bit of sesame on the top.

Our next step was the cheese platter which was full of parmesan, mozzarella, blue cheese, camembert, fresh warm baguette, cashewnuts and honey which is my favourite combination ever back in civilisation! I couldn’t be more happier after getting my most favourite cheeses which I miss so much here on the island!

To be honest, after getting the starters we were already quite full, but even more excited about the main meals!

For the main I had salmon ravioli and it was out of this world! My ravioli were literally floating in delicate creamy sauce and all the combinations were just melting in my mouth making me close my eyes with pleasure!

What a surprise it was for us when my friend got their order of mixed platter of fresh seafood from the BBQ!

The size of the meal was just incredible, this is what is called a full plate! He got a fillet of white snapper fish, one huge king prawn, squid, mussels, a bunch of vegetables, gently fried potato and two sauces. All of the kinds of seafood were super fresh and perfectly cooked, and as a result my friend’s meal went down a treat!

Despite the fact that we were already more than full and much more than satisfied, there is always room for dessert but we could only share one between us both so we made a choice to try Creme Brulee with mango and it absolutely blew our minds!

It is not a dish. It is a little party for your taste-buds. Every spoonful is a combination of soft melting cream, crispy funny something-like-thin-layer-caramel and tropical fresh mango smoothie.

Each part of this dish worked perfectly in tandem to deliver a range of complex flavours in every bite. A must try. Pure happiness!

After such an incredible dinner in an amazing ambiance with really good music on in the background I couldn’t resist to talk to the sous-chef Michael who works there. He absolutely loves his job at Infinity and you can feel it with every word he speaks about his job!

Michael studied cooking in many places including Bangkok, he has worked at Infinity for three months already and he is an incredibly shy and nice person!

In conclusion of our great dinner, Infinity Beach Club made a truly good impression on us.

It takes fresh ingredients and builds them up into world-class dishes, served with a characteristic twist.

Mr. Sak (the owner) is a very nice, open-minded and friendly person who cares a lot about both customers and the quality of the food, who’s created a great and warm atmosphere which keeps us going back for more and more.

A great place for a meal with friends, family, two-week-tourists, forever-locals or even for some who want to enjoy some alone time in a place full of good vibes.

It is a celebration of the food! It is an art of flavour!

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